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Did you use Cyagen's animal models in your latest study? Cite us in your publication and earn a $250 discount voucher towards your next order at Cyagen on the top of any existing promotions.

Customers who have used Cyagen's services before and cited Cyagen as a service provider in any of their scientific publications, please submit your basic information and the PMID to us. We will investigate each submission to ensure that researchers who are citing the Cyagen products or services used in that particular paper have in fact ordered from us.

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Q: I cited Cyagen after using their products (cells and/or media). Am I eligible for the Citations Reward Voucher?
A: No. The Citations Rewards Voucher is only applicable for citations for our animal model services.

Q: I cited Cyagen on an older publication after using their animal model services, but have never notified Cyagen. Am I still eligible for this voucher?
A: If your PMID does not exist in our current database of citations then you are eligible for the voucher. Old and new citations for our animal model services will be eligible for our rewards as long as the PMID is new in our database.

Q: I have previously notified Cyagen of our publication. Am I still eligible for this voucher?
A: No. This Citations Reward Voucher is only for customers with PMIDs not in our database. If you have previously claimed a different reward for submitting your PMID to Cyagen, then that PMID is no longer eligible.

Q: I just submitted my information. When will I receive my voucher?
A: After submitting your information, please allow 2-4 weeks for Cyagen to verify your information. Once verified, a Cyagen representative will issue you a voucher. If our team has any questions about the information you provided, we may also contact you via email.

Q: Does the voucher expire?
A: The Citations Rewards Voucher will remain redeemable 6 months after the date of issuance.

Q: What can I use the $250 discount on? 
A: The Citations Rewards discount may be applied on any Cyagen's products or animal model services. Please mention your voucher ID at the time of requesting a quote.

For any additional questions that are not on this list, please email service@cyagen.com.