Cell Biol Int 11 (2012)

Contribution of Murine Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Pancreas Regeneration after Partial Pancreatectomy in Mice.

Han F, Wang CY, Yang L, Zhan SD, Zhang M, Tian K.


Recent studies have suggested that the implantation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) has emerged as a potential method of treatment for tissue damage, but the in vivo differentiation of BMSCs in an injured pancreas and its therapeutic effects have not yet been determined. The aim of our studies was to investigate the potential of BMSCs to contribute to the parenchyma and mesenchymal components of the pancreas during rapid regeneration, and we preliminarily explored the molecular mechanisms of this process. In this study, we intravenously infused GFP+ BMSCs into the tail veins of mice that had received a 65%~70% partial pancreatectomy, while mice that had only received a partial pancreatectomy and mice that had only been injected with BMSCs served as controls. Four weeks later, the injected GFP+ BMSCs were diffusely engrafted in the pancreatic parenchyma and mesenchyma of the recipient mice with pancreatic injuries and were differentiated into pancreatic ductal epithelial cells (accounted for 1.7±0.3%), vascular endothelial cells (accounted for 3.2±0.6%) and pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs) (accounted for 5.2±1.6%) but not any pancreatic beta cells or neural cells. Significantly more engrafted and differentiated GFP+ BMSCs were observed in the regenerating pancreas than in the normal pancreas. For the mice that received a partial pancreatectomy, the pancreatic weight/body weight of the mice with BMSC treatment ((0.225±0.042)%) was more than that of the mice without BMSC treatment ((0.183±0.021)%) (p<0.05). In addition, real time RT-PCR showed that the expression levels of miR-9 and miR-204 in the engrafted BMSCs (5.2-fold and 2.6-fold, p<0.05, respectively) were increased compared with wild-type BMSCs. We also observed a significant reduction in the expression of miR-375 (0.71-fold, p<0.05) in engrafted GFP+ BMSCs compared with wild-type BMSCs. Here, we demonstrate that BMSCs can be a potential cell bank for treating pancreatic injuries by contributing to a variety of cell types; this process might be related to the expression of miR-9, miR-204 and miR-375.

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