Stem Cell Res Ther 9: 21 (2018)

Curcumin-mediated bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell sheets create a favorable immune microenvironment for adult full-thickness cutaneous wound healing.

Hanping Liu,Xiaoyuan Deng


Four-week-old green fluorescent protein (GFP)+ C57BL/6 mice purchased from Cyagen Biosciences (Guangzhou, China) were used for culturing BMSCs and BMSC sheets. Ten-week-old male BALB/c mice were purchased from the Experimental Animal Center of Southern Medical University (Guangzhou, China).To evaluate the effects of curcumin on the quality of wound repair, mice were randomly assigned to three different treatment groups. The control group received saline. The BMSC-curcumin sheet group (CS-C) received the BMSC sheet induced with curcumin applied to the affected area. The BMSC sheet group (CS-N) received the BMSC sheet induced without curcumin applied to the affected area. All mice were housed under pathogen-free conditions (22 °C, 12-h light/12-h dark cycles and 50–55% humidity) with proper food and water. All surgical procedures were performed under general anesthesia via an intraperitoneal injection of 1% pentobarbital.As discussed above, small molecules have a strong impact on cellular activity. The activity of BMSCs was also greatly enhanced after the application of 0.5 μM curcumin (Fig. 2a–d). Because the formation of BMSC sheets requires 12 days, the growth rate of the cells gradually decreased during the process. However, this decline could be relieved by curcumin (Fig. 2e). A greater number of BMSCs were in the S, G2, and M period after curcumin treatment. Additionally, the number of active cells increased significantly by 4.63%, 9.51%, 41.09%, and 35.78%, respectively, after 1, 3, 6, and 9 days of exposure to curcumin (Fig. 2f). Also, the CS-C sheet showed increased expression of the cell proliferation marker Ki67 than that of the CS-N sheet, suggesting a promotion ability of curcumin on BMSC proliferation (Fig. 2g, h).All authors have read and approved the manuscript for publication.
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