Bull Environ Contam Toxicol 90:17 (2013)

Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Mouse (Strain 129) Embryonic Stem Cells After Typical Synthetic Musk Exposure.

Shi J, Li M, Jiao Z, Zhang J, Feng Y, Shao B.


Synthetic musks are widely used in personal-care products and can readily accumulate in the adipose tissue, breast milk, and blood of humans. In this study, the Affymetrix Mouse Genome GeneChip was used to identify alterations in gene expression of embryonic stem cells from the 129 strain of the laboratory mouse after treatment with the synthetic musk tonalide (AHTN). Among the 45,037 transcripts in the microarray, 2,879 genes were differentially expressed. According to the microarray analysis, the potential influence of AHTN on the development to embryo should be of concern, and the toxicological effects of it and related musk compounds should be studied further.

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