Neurosci Lett 497:128 (2011)

Therapeutic effect of co-transplantation of neuregulin 1-transfected-Schwann cells and bone marrow stromal cells on spinal cord hemisection syndrome.

Zhang JF1, Zhao FS, Wu G, Kong QF, Sun B, Cao J, Zhang Y, Wang JH, Zhang J, Jin XD, Li HL.


The aim of this present study is to evaluate the therapeutic effect of co-transplantation of neuregulin-1-transfected Schwann cells (SCs) and bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) on a rat model of spinal cord hemi-section injuries (Brown-Séquard syndrome), which is relevant to human clinical spinal cord injury. Both in vivo and in vitro data we received demonstrated that co-transplantation BMSCs with NRG1-transfected SCs reduced the size of cystic cavities, promoted axonal regeneration and hind limb functional recovery in comparison with SCs or BMSCs transplantation alone or together, and this treatment could provide important insights into potential therapies of spinal cord hemi-section injuries.

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