Cell Mol Neurobiol 33:1171 (2013)

Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Expression is Implicated in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Response to Light-Induced Retinal Injury.

Xu W1, Wang X, Xu G, Guo J.


Neurotrophic factors are involved in neuroprotection and its expression in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) may change during light-induced retinal injury. In this study, neurotrophic factor expression in MSCs was investigated after stimulation by supernatants of homogenized retina (SHR) from normal and light-injured rats. Conditioned media from control MSCs (CM-MSCs), MSCs stimulated by normal SHR (CM-NSHR), and MSCs stimulated by light-injured SHR (CM-ISHR) were examined regarding their ability to prevent degeneration of retinal explants. Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) in MSCs was knockdown by lentivirus-mediated mRNA interference. Transfected MSCs were stimulated by SHR, and retinal preservation was reevaluated in the resultant conditioned media. We detected significant up-regulation of bFGF in CM-ISHR, accompanied by superior retinal neurotrophic effects in CM-ISHR over CM-NSHR and CM-MSCs. Down-regulation of bFGF in MSCs effectively inhibited this protective effect. Adding neutralizing antibody against bFGF to CM-ISHR also induced a similar effect. It is thus concluded that retinal injury may enhance neurotrophic factor expression in MSCs and promote the repair process. bFGF may play a critical role in MSCs' response to retinal injury.

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