Biotechnol Lett 36:1631 (2014)

HMGB1 enhances embryonic neural stem cell proliferation by activating the MAPK signaling pathway

Wang L1, Yu L, Zhang T, Wang L, Leng Z, Guan Y, Wang X.


Neural stem cells (NSCs) are involved in neural tube formation. As the high-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) protein is involved in neurulation and is present at elevated levels in neural tube defects (NTDs) induced by hyperthermia, we have now investigated the effects of HMGB1 on proliferation, differentiation, and MAPK signaling pathways of NSCs in vitro. We constructed a lentivirus vector with HMGB1 siRNA and used it to infect NSCs. Down-regulation of HMGB1 expression was confirmed. Proliferation of NSCs was determined by MTS and nestin/BrdU double-labeling. Differentiation of NSCs was assessed using β-tubulinIII and GFAP. Knockdown of HMGB1 significantly suppressed NSC proliferation but hardly affected differentiation, which was regulated by decreased expression of MAPK signaling pathways. Thus, HMGB1 has beneficial effects on neurulation and may serve as a new target for the prevention of NTDs.

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