BMB Rep 44 :28 (2011)

The MicroRNA Expression Profiles of Mouse Mesenchymalstem Cell during Chondrogenic Differentiation.

Bo Yang1, Hongfeng Guo1, Yulan Zhang1,2, Shiwu Dong1,* & Dajun Ying1,*
1Laboratory of Biomechanics, Department of Anatomy, the Third Military Medical University, Chongqing 400038,
2Department of Anesthesiology, Chengdu Military General Hospital


MicroRNAs are potential key regulators in mesenchymal stem cells chondrogenic differentiation. However, there were few reports about the accurate effects of miRNAs on chondrogenic differentiation. To investigate the mechanisms of miRNAs-mediated regulation during the process, we performed miRNAs microarray in MSCs at four different stages of TGF-β3-induced chondrogenic differentiation. We observed that eight miRNAs were significantly up-regulated and five miRNAs were downregulated.Interestingly, we found two miRNAs clusters, miR-143/145 and miR-132/212, kept on down-regulation in the process. Using bioinformatics approaches, we analyzed the target genes of these differentially expressed miRNAs and found a series of them correlated with the process of chondrogenesis.Furthermore, the qPCR results showed that the up-regulated (or down-regulated) expression of miRNAs were inversely associated with the expression of predicted target genes. Our results first revealed the expression profiles of miRNAs in chondrogenic differentiation of MSCs and provided a new insight on complicated regulation mechanisms of chondrogenesis.



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