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Animal breeding
Why Are My Rodents Balding? Learn about Barbering
Mar 07, 2022
Read on to explore why rodent groups barber themselves and each other, the ways this may be prevented, and some common questions and answers about this issue. Read More >
Animal breeding
Why Are Mice Eating Their Babies?
Feb 09, 2022
The topic of today's article is the common problem in mouse breeding of female mice eating pups, also known as infanticide in rodents. Read More >
Animal breeding
Diagnostic Testing of Mouse for Infectious Agents
Jan 18, 2022
As most researchers know, the health of mice may affect the accuracy and reproducibility of experimental data when conducting experiments. Read More >
Animal breeding
How to Treat Ulcerative Dermatitis in Mice?
Jan 05, 2022
We will introduce new information about mouse breeding and health every week to provide education for aspiring mouse care experts. Read More >
Animal breeding
Focus on Ectromelia Virus (ECTV)
Dec 02, 2021
The reduction of viral infection in animals is one of the main points of work within the Animal Health program at Cyagen. Read More >