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Humanized Mouse Models: Applications in Translational Medical Research

The mouse model has become an irreplaceable model organism for biomedical research, which includes studying gene function and genetic factors of pathogenesis, establishing humanized disease models, and evaluating the safety and effectiveness of drugs under development. The rapidly growing branch of biomedical research known as translational medicine is aimed at the practical problems from clinical patients. A combination of molecular, cellular, and animal models in related basic and preclinical studies can help address the problems of translational research. Therefore, a major strategy of translational medical research is to combine the basic laboratory studies with the preclinical animal experimental research and rapidly move into clinical application.

This White Paper brings together multiple case studies, industry insights, as well as modern applications of mouse models that benefit many areas of biomedical research.

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Outline of Contents:

  1. 1.How to Use the Appropriate Mouse Model to Publish High-Impact Articles?
  2. 2.Humanized Mouse Models – Introduction and Applications
  3. 3.Introduction to Immunodeficient Mouse Models
  4. 4.Large Fragment Knock-In Models Using Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange

About the Author

Dr. Steve Yu
Dr. Steve Yu
Senior Vice President and Senior Scientist

Dr. Steve Yu has more than 20 years of experience in the field of genetically modified animal models from both R&D and management roles. As an internationally renowned expert in model animals and cell biology, Dr. Yu successively served in Yale School of Medicine and NYU Grossman School of Medicine, inGenious Targeting Laboratory (iTL), Applied StemCell (ASC) and other institutions in the field of genetically modified animal models. Currently, Dr. Yu is working for Cyagen as Senior Vice President and Senior Scientist, primarily responsible for the technical development of genetically modified animal model platforms. His research results have been published in high-impact journals such as Nat Immunol and Mol Cell Biol.

About Cyagen

In under 15 years since its founding, Cyagen has become a leading provider of custom mouse and rat models – delivering over 78,470 models to researchers worldwide and receiving over 4,750 peer-reviewed citations. Cyagen provides researchers from around the world with transgenic, knockout, knockin, conditional knockout models and also offers a comprehensive series of stem cell products for research use, including cell lines, media, and differentiation kits.

Cyagen’s gene editing services are unparalleled in delivering research-ready rodent models with a guaranteed genotype. We even offer price matching to help ensure researchers get the best deal for their study. From strategy design through to delivery of research-ready custom mouse models, Cyagen offers complete outsourcing for all your animal model needs.