Adenovirus Packaging

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adenovirus production service
We provide adenovirus packaging services with rapid turnaround and unbeatable prices. We can also custom-build adenoviral vectors based on your research needs. Save yourself the hassle of vector construction and virus packaging, and receive high-titer custom adenovirus plus control GFP virus in just a few weeks.

 ◆ Workflow of Adenovirus Packaging Services

workflow of adenovirus production service

◆ Description of Services

Construction of adenoviral vector
You can design your adenoviral vector using our online vector design tool VectorBuilder, and we will custom-build the vector for you. If you provide your own vector rather than contracting us to make it, we strongly recommend that you send it to us in E. coli, so we can purify and linearize the DNA using protocols optimized for virus packaging. If you wish to prepare your own linearized DNA, we require a minimum of 10 µg.


Packaging system
Packaging is performed using the second-generation adenovirus packaging system (we can only package vectors compatible with this system). The adenoviral vector is linearized and transfected into our optimized packaging cells. Packaged virus is then collected from infected cells and used to infect additional packaging cells to further amplify the virus before final collection.


Measurement of adenovirus titer
Virus titer is measured by the TCID50 method and given in plaque forming unit per ml (PFU/ml). 293 cells in 96-well format are infected by the virus preparation at serial dilutions. Virus titer is calculated based on the fraction of wells infected at various dilutions.

◆ Price and Turnaround Time



Expected titer


Turnaround time

Construction of adenoviral vector


Please inquire

5-30 days

Packaging of adenovirus Medium scale

> 1010 PFU/ml, 1 ml


20-32 days

Large scale

> 1011 PFU/ml, 1 ml


20-32 days


>1012 VP/ml, 2 ml


22-36 days

Control GFP adenovirus*

0.2 ml




* For each order of custom-packaged adenovirus, an aliquot of the appropriate control adenovirus will be provided for free.
NoteIf you provide us your own vector, we can purify and linearize the DNA using protocols optimized for adenovirus packaging.

◆ Guarantee

In cases where the adenoviral vectors are created by Cyagen, we guarantee virus titers at or better than the expected titers listed in the table above, provided that the size of the packaged sequence (from 5’ ITR to 3’ ITR on the vector) is ≤ 36 kb. For sizes > 36 kb, packaging efficiency can be compromised. Also, our guarantee may not apply if the vector contains sequences of very high GC content (> 70% across a few hundred bases) that can reduce packaging efficiency, or genes toxic to packaging cells.

◆ Important Considerations in Using Adenovirus

Not all cell types are equally susceptible to adenovirus transduction. We use 293 cells to measure virus titer. However, the titer we provide should only be used as a rough guide when deciding how much virus to use on your cell type of interest. We therefore recommend that you infect your cells with the control GFP virus first in order to establish the appropriate amount of virus needed to achieve the desired transduction efficiency on your cells. It should also be noted that while using an excess amount of virus can result in high transduction efficiency, some cell types might get sick or die when the multiplicity of infection (MOI) is too high.

◆ Price Matching

If you find another commercial service provider that offers better pricing than ours, we will match the price plus an additional 5% off.

◆ Payments

For services valued at < $5,000, payment is due after completion of the project. For services valued at ≥ $5,000, there is a 50% upfront payment before the project, and the remaining 50% plus shipping charge is paid after completion of the project.

◆ Bulk Discount

We offer up to 10% bulk discount for large orders. Large orders are defined as 5 or more projects from the same institution. If you bundle your order with that of your colleagues, you can all qualify for the bulk discount.

◆ Shipping

Products are shipped from our Santa Clara, California facility. Packaged virus is shipped on dry ice, and the shipping charge includes courier cost plus a $45 handling fee. DNA constructs are shipped in E. coli at room temperature, and the charge includes courier cost plus a $10 handling fee. We typically ship by FedEx.

◆ Customer References

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◆ Citations

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◆ Confidentiality

We consider all reagents and animals resulting from our services to be the customers’ property. All information regarding our services, including customer identity and contact information, is kept confidential.

◆ Inquiries and Quote Requests

Request a quote now. Alternatively, you can always email or call 800-921-8930 to inquire about our services or obtain a quote for your project.