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Vector Construction

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As the world's largest provider of custom vector cloning services. VectorBuilder can make virtually any vector tailored to your research needs. Our vector systems have been optimized through extensive R&D work, and all have been validated by in vitro and, where applicable, in vivo testing.
◆ What is VectorBuilder?

VectorBuilder, a sister company of Cyagen Biosciences, is a revolutionary online platform for vector cloning. Researchers can use VectorBuilder's highly intuitive online tool to design their desired vectors, and order custom cloning services for these vectors along with related services such as virus packaging. Cost and turnaround time are a fraction of DIY. Start designing your vector now!

◆ What can I do on VectorBuilder?
  • Design and order vectors for a range of applications including overexpression, shRNA and CRISPR.
  • Choose from a wide variety of vector backbones including regular plasmids, lentivirus,adenovirus, AAV, baculovirus and piggyBac.
  • Access large libraries of vector components including commonly used promoters and reporters, and genome-wide libraries of genes, shRNAs and gRNAs.
  • Design vectors for free, and pay only when you order cloning and virus packaging services.