About Cyagen

Cyagen is a 700-employee company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with additional locations in Japan and China. Cyagen is a leading provider of genetically modified rodent models and other molecular biology services and products to research laboratories worldwide.

We offer a “one-stop shop” tailored to biomedical scientists’ gene research needs. Our custom murine model generation services range from DNA vector construction to embryonic stem cell manipulation, microinjection, breeding, and more. All projects are fully customizable and flexible.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Research Model Needs

Our comprehensive services cover the entire process of model generation: from transgenic/gene targeting strategy design, through model development, breeding, cryopreservation, and phenotype analysis.

Research Model Solutions

Research Model Solutions

Cyagen offers a broad portfolio of custom genetically engineered models, ready-to-use catalog models, and drug development models - specifically tailored to the unique needs of drug development studies.

Custom Model Generation
  • KO, KI, cKO, Point mutation
  • TurboKnockout, CRISPR, Trans genic, BAC
  • Cre-loxP
Drug Development Mouse Models
  • Metabolic Disease Models
  • CDX/Syngeneic Models
  • Immunodeficient Mice
Cell Line Models
  • KO, KI, Overexpression, Point mutations
Model Management

Model Management

Cyagen can provide an ideal solution to manage the colonies that will be used for research.

Cryorecovery Service
Model Supporting Services

Model Supporting Services

Cyagen's comprehensive small animal phenotype analysis platform can provide standardized phenotyping services covering a wide range of research.

Surgical Services

Proprietary Technologies:

Cyagen Model Generation Expertise

15+ years' experience in custom animal model generation
78,400+ animal models generated and delivered worldwide
4,000+ citations in SCI journals for our services
3,000+ university and company partners

The Cyagen Experience

Process Ease
Process Ease:
  • ● Streamlined process provides customers with project strategy & quotes within 48 hours of request
  • ● Reduced project timeline compared with most university core facilities
  • ● Transparency via robust reporting enables customers to drive strategy
  • ● Efficient animal delivery via Taconic RapidCheck™ Health Monitoring (approved vendor)
  • ● Leverage proprietary AI technology to design gene modification
  • ● Same-day project initiation with PO
  • ● Highly competitive pricing; competitor price-matching + 5% off
  • ● Standard quality checks
  • ● Deliverable with guaranteed genotype
  • ● 100% money-back guarantee
Expert Assistance
Expert Assistance:
  • ● 24-hour technical support – from project inquiry through questions after delivery
  • ● Over 77,073 custom mice & 1,404 custom rats successfully delivered worldwide.
  • ● Founded in 2005 - 15 years' experience
  • ● AAALAC accredited and OLAW assured
  • ● Specific-pathogen free (SPF) animal health status
  • ● Individually ventilated cage (IVC) and exhaust ventilated cage (EVC) systems that can house up to 150,000 specific pathogen free (SPF) animals
  • ● Class 10,000 ultra-clean environment
  • ● Quarterly sentinel rodent health monitoring program
  • ● Quarantine for all incoming rodents prior to colony integration