About Cyagen

Cyagen is a 400-employees company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with additional locations in Japan and China, and production facilities in China. Cyagen is the world's largest provider of custom-engineered mouse and rat models. Cyagen's services have become well known for top quality, full guarantee, and competitive prices.
Core competencies
Generation of custom genetically modified rodent models.
We can create any custom mouse or rat model for your project , from simple knockout (KO) and point mutation constructs, all the way through to more complicated constructs, such as conditional knockin (cKI) or humanization models. Cyagen has also developed and validated animal models using proprietary technology, which allows for the generation of models at reduced cost and turnaround. This investment has led to significant time and cost savings for our clients.
Ready-to-use knockout (KO) catalog models.
Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models features over 10,000 knockout mouse models on 100% pure C57BL/6 backgrounds, delivered in as fast as 3 months. These established lines have validated genotyping data, circumventing risks associated with the model generation process. Cyagen’s innovative mouse sperm cryorecovery technology builds on our accumulated experience in custom animal model generation, providing live mice with unmatched reliability, efficiency, and economy. Look-up your gene(s) of interest today – search by gene name or NCBI gene ID.
Generation of tailor-made DNA vectors and research-use viruses.
Cyagen can construct almost any type of DNA vector to meet your research needs. In 2013, we expanded our service portfolio by launching BAC recombineering and virus packaging services. Cyagen packages virus in two dedicated, independent Class 10,000 ultra-clean virus packaging rooms equipped with Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) cabinets and incubators.
Production of research-use stem cells and related culture reagents.
Cyagen boasts a comprehensive portfolio of research-use stem cell lines, including embryonic stems cells and multiple lineage of somatic stem cells derived from various species. We also provide a variety of supplementing culture and differentiation media to support the growth and maintenance of these cells. All of our products have been widely cited in high-impact journals, including Nature and PNAS.
Proprietary Technologies:
Cyagen Model Generation Expertise
14+ years' experience in custom animal model generation
50,000+ animal models generated and delivered worldwide
4,000+ citations in SCI journals for our services
3,000+ university and company partners
Professional Project Management
  • Expert-designed Scheme: The technical director is responsible for the scheme design and follow up on the project progress throughout the process
  • Dedicated Project Reporting: A VIP project specialist will be responsible for project follow-up and progress reporting
  • Technical Training: Training on rodent feeding and reproduction technology can be provided according to the needs of the laboratory
  • Comprehensive Customer Support: Our support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions on project progress and technical details, even after project delivery.
Best Guarantee and Price

Cyagen offers the best guarantee in the industry – we will fully refund the client's service fee if animals with the specified genotype are not generated (except for genetic modifications severely affecting viability, morbidity, or fertility). Given the complexity of biological systems, a particular genetic modification may not result in the desired phenotype. As such, Cyagen's guarantee covers the creation of animals with the specified genotype, not a particular phenotypic outcome in terms of transcription, protein/RNA function, or organismal biology.

We offer up to a 10% bulk discount for large orders. Large orders are defined as 5 or more projects from the same institution. If you bundle your orders with those of your colleagues, you can all qualify for the bulk discount. If you find another service provider that offers better pricing than ours, we will match the price plus an additional 5% off.
Good Animal Health
All animal work is conducted in our specific pathogen free (SPF) facilities that have been AAALAC accredited and OLAW assured.
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Products are shipped from our facility in China to our Santa Clara, California facility, then are relayed to end users. For mous/rat shipments, the shipping charge includes courier cost plus a $100/crate handling fee. Cells are shipped on dry ice, and the charge includes courier cost plus a $45 handling fee. DNA constructs are shipped in E. coli at room temperature, and the charge includes courier cost plus a $10 handling fee. We typically use World Courier to ship live mice and FedEx for other shipments.