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Scientific Handbook:
Advancing Your Research with
Conditional Knockout Mice

The conditional knockout (cKO) mouse model is a powerful tool for investigating disease mechanisms and is specifically used to study specific gene functions among related human disease pathologies. While traditional knockout (KO) mice have a gene disabled throughout the organism, conditional knockout mice may be obtained with a gene deleted only in specific tissues or on an inducible basis. Compared with constitutively expressed gene mutations, conditional models provide greater temporal and regional control of gene expression – often serving as a more accurate model for studying human diseases.

Herein, Cyagen’s experts have put together a Scientific Handbook on how conditional knockout mice can be used to advance your research.

Outline of Contents:

 Why Conditional Knockout (cKO) Mice are Used in Research
 How to Develop Conditional Knockout Models
 Successful Case Study on Conditional Knockout Mice Research
 Conditional Knockout Mice Capabilities
 Resources for Conditional Knockout Model Development

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