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Cyagen's is happy to announce that our summer savings event is in full swing from now until September 30th. All animal model services are 5% off, with even greater savings when you collaborate with colleagues and order more than one animal model.

—— 5% ——

Purchase any single animal model
Savings up to:
Transgenic: $990
CRISPR-based KO/KI: $1800
TurboKnockout® (conditional KO/KI): $1500

—— 20% ——

Purchase 3 or more animal models
Savings up to:
Transgenic: $3900
CRISPR-based KO/KI: $7300
TurboKnockout® (conditional KO/KI): $6300

—— 25% ——

Purchase 5 or more animal models
Savings up to:
Transgenic: $4900
CRISPR-based KO/KI: $9100
TurboKnockout® (conditional KO/KI): $7800

NOTE: Above discount does not include vector cost for transgenics; rat discount applies to Sprague Dawley strain.

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TurboKnockout® Gene Targeting Mice: As fast as 6-8 months

Service Turnaround time Delieverables
TurboKnockout® (conditional KO/KI) 6-8 months 3 F0

Highlights of TurboKnockout®

The F0 founders are 100% ES cell derived
Timeline comparable to nuclease-based genome editing (i.e., CRISPR, TALEN)
More flexible than nuclease mediated methods (e.g., conditional models, humanizations, ROSA26)
Guaranteed germline transmission
No off-target effects
Comparable cost to traditional ES cell methods

CRISPR/Cas9-based Knockout: Unrivaled speed and convenience

Service Turnaround time Delieverables
Knockout Mice ~5.5 months 3 F1
Knockout Rats ~6 months 3 F1

CRISPR/Cas9-based Large-fragment Knockin: Fragment size up to 8 kb

Service Turnaround time Delieverables
Large-fragment Knockin Mice ~5.5 months 3 F1
Large-fragment Knockin Rats ~6 months 3 F1

PiggyBac Transgenic Models: Single copy integration per integration site, more consistent gene expression compared to plasmid/BAC based approaches

Service Turnaround time Delieverables
PiggyBac Transgenic Mice ~3 months 3 F0
PiggyBac Transgenic Rats ~3 months 3 F0

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