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Great news! Cyagen's "Best-Selling Genes" Knockout (KO) and conditional KO (cKO) mouse strains are back and better than ever! Based on the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models repository, we comprehensively evaluated the 4,000 most widely applicable genetic models for research in areas such as interaction mechanisms, disease treatment, and functional study.

Our upgraded "Best-Selling Genes" series now includes over 4,000 gene knockout and conditional knockout mouse strains, covering more than 20 popular research fields including immunology, oncology, rare diseases, cardiology, neuroscience, and ophthalmology. With mature modeling technology platforms and a rich stock of resources, we can offer shipping in as fast as 2 weeks. Ordering KO/cKO mice is as easy as online shopping! Contact us at 800-921-8930 or email animal-service@cyagen.com for more information.

Best-Selling Genes List (Including, but Not Limited to)
Research Field Gene NCBI ID Strain Phenotypic Clues Order
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Highlights of the Brand New Upgrade
Over 4000 strains, with a turnaround time as fast as 2 weeks.
The total number of gene knockout and conditional knockout mouse strains corresponding to the "Best-Selling Genes" series has been increased to over 4000, with a faster turnaround time of as short as 2 weeks, which will better meet your requirements for model development in basic science and drug discovery.
Full-coverage of over 20 research areas.
With the expansion to over 20 application fields, including immunology, oncology, rare diseases, cardiology, neuroscience and ophthalmology, ect., we now provide a diverse selection, which covers multiple popular research areas, for researchers to choose from.
RDDC empowered by AI fully supports gene knockout technology.
With the support of our AI-powered Rare Disease Data Center (RDDC), the technical solutions for gene knockout and conditional knockout mouse models have undergone comprehensive upgrades. These solutions not only further improve gene introduction and information on genome/transcriptome/proteins, but also introduce AI for predicting mutant splicing sites, which effectively reduce the cost of trial and error related to research and development.
Dual certification of ISO9001:2015 and AAALAC.
ISO9001:2015 certification ensures that all products and technical services provided to researchers and scholars meet the international standard. The AAALAC certification demonstrates our responsible attitude towards animal welfare and ethics, as well as our strong commitment to biosafety.