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AI-Guided Rapid Screening of AAV
AAV Vector High-Titer Packaging
Efficacy Evaluation System (e.g. AAV Vector Injection)

AAV capsid proteins play a crucial role in gene therapy and vaccine development. However, traditional directed evolution screening techniques have limitations such as limited library capacity, low success rate, and low screening efficiency. To address this issue, Cyagen has developed a predictive AI model using deep learning to efficiently screen AAV mutants for multi-target gene therapy drugs. This model enables us to achieve targeted predictions for various sites, such as brain targeting, full ocular expression capability, and ocular penetration.

Compared to traditional directed evolution, AI-assisted screening of AAV has achieved multidimensional breakthroughs, including:

Limitless library capacity
Taking the traditional AAV9 561-588 amino acid region mutant library as an example, the maximum capacity of the DNA library is 109, while the sequence capacity achieved through AI deep learning screening can reach 1050.
Using AI models instead of wet lab experiments to generate new sequences
AI is used to screen parameters such as high yield and tissue targeting, and then the data is synthesized through the AI model algorithms to suggest capsid designs anticipated to have high productivity and tissue delivery. This effectively avoids the limitations of library synthesis capacity in traditional wet lab experiments.
Shortened screening cycle from at least 3 years to approximately 1 year, leading to a 3-6 times increase in efficiency
To obtain the optimal mutant in traditional directed evolution, it often requires 3-6 rounds of experiments from library synthesis to screening. By utilizing AI technology, enough data can be obtained through 1-2 rounds of screening.
Brain targeting prediction
Figure 1. Brain targeting prediction
Figure 2. Perform intravenous tail injection with 3E11 vg (viral genomes) per mouse and evaluate after 3 weeks.
Prediction of overall ocular expression capability
Figure 3. Prediction of AAV overall ocular expression efficiency
Figure 4. Intravitreal injection of 1E10 vg/eye and detection of overall ocular anti-VEGF protein levels after 27 days.
Prediction of ocular penetration ability
Figure 5. Prediction of AAV ocular penetration efficiency.
Figure 6. Intravitreal injection of 3E9 vg/eye and fluorescence imaging of the fundus at 18 days, followed by histological analysis of retinal sections at 21 days to assess viral expression efficiency.

Cyagen offers a range of services from AAV vector design and construction to virus packaging, purification, expression analysis, and functional validation. These services aim to minimize the experimental timeline for clients. Various titer specifications are available, and stringent purification processes are employed to ensure efficient expression of exogenous human/mouse ORFs, shRNA, lncRNA, and CRISPR/gRNA.

Promotion Period: July 14th to September 14th, 2023
Event Details: Enjoy a 40% discount on the following virus packaging services, with fast delivery within 3 weeks, plus a complimentary standard control virus.
Service Type Specifications Titer Discounted price Order
AAV packaging Normal
1E+12GC ≥5E+12GC/ml $1800
AAV1、8、9 and php.eb 5E+12GC ≥1E+13GC/ml $3500
1E+13GC ≥1E+13GC/ml $4500
* Note
1.The cost of cDNA synthesis and vector construction are not included.
2.Control AAV will be provided for free, with titers ranging from 20% to 33% of the experimental group.
3.The pricing above is based on the premise that it does not exceed the AAV viral packaging range. If it exceeds the packaging range, consultation is required. The maximum sequence length that can be accommodated between ITRs is 4.5 kb (including ITR length).
4.The promotion is applicable only to standalone AAV packaging projects and does not apply to AAV packaging quotes within gene therapy comprehensive projects.
* Bonus note
We also provide virus packaging services for lentivirus (LV), adenovirus (AdV), and higher-titer specifications for AAV virus packaging services upon request. Contact us for more info!
AAV infection of cells in vitro
We infected 293T cells with AAV2, AAV8, and AAV9 at MOI (multiplicity of infection) values of 1E5, 1E4, 1E3, and 1E2, respectively. After 48 hours, we observed significant fluorescence intensity. Among them, AAV2 (MOI=1E5) achieved a GFP positive rate of 99.66%.

Obtaining the virus through packaging is just the beginning, as there are still important steps such as injection into animal bodies and subsequent efficacy evaluations, which have a significant impact on the success of the project. Cyagen can provide a variety of AAV vector injection services for mice, including common routes such as tail vein, intraperitoneal, ocular, brain, and intramuscular injections. We can also help you access downstream drug efficacy service platforms, enabling you to obtain accurate research conclusions through physiological and biochemical analysis, pathology analysis, metabolism analysis, gene and protein expression analysis, and cell function testing to better utilize phenotype verification.

Intravitreal injection (into the subretinal/vitreous cavity of the eye)
Stereotactic injection into the hippocampus/lateral ventricle of the brain
Intratracheal (pulmonary) injection
Intrathecal injection (into the brain/spinal cord)
Service Advantages
Short Project Cycle
Utilizing AI deep learning technology to assist in screening AAV capsid proteins reduces the cost of experimental trial and error and overall screening time. Multiple tissue-specific promoter stock vectors are available for selection on a mature technology platform and customized virus packaging can be as fast as 3 weeks. With multistep safeguards, researchers are able to significantly shorten the experimental cycle.
Stable Validation Data
The viruses are validated for infection efficacy by our internal technical team through in vitro cell and in vivo mouse models, ensuring quality control. Additionally, we have the backing of literature citations and project performance from external research clients, providing a dual guarantee that allows you to confidently use AAV vectors that meet your requirements.
Various Types of Viruses to Choose from
We offer customized packaging services for various serotypes of AAVs, as well as lentivirus and adenovirus vectors. You have the freedom to choose from different gradient specifications, and we can achieve gene overexpression, knockdown (shRNA), and gene editing capabilities.
Comprehensive Service Platform
Cyagen provides a CRO service platform that offers support from AI-assisted efficient screening of AAV mutants to virus vector construction and development, as well as downstream efficacy evaluation. Conserving the environment of animal models helps reduce stress-related biological impacts caused by the shipment process and ensures the consistency of project research data.