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Over the past 15 years, Cyagen has helped more than 3,000 university and company partners decipher the complexities of the genome in the most economical and accurate way. Cyagen would like to thank our clients – like you – for choosing our services and products to support your life science research studies. To help spread the word about our research services while rewarding our existing partners, we have created the Cyagen Ambassador Awards program.

All past clients are invited to become a Cyagen Ambassador by sharing your experience(s) working with us and how Cyagen has helped your research studies. In exchange for your efforts, all eligible ambassadors will receive access to exclusive credit vouchers & future offers.

We would love to hear about your experience working with us. All eligible participants will receive the following Exclusive Vouchers:

Cyagen Ambassador Awards for Eligible Submissions
Option 1 – Social Media Share $1,000 Credit Voucher
Option 2 – Academic Presentations & Events $2,000 Credit Voucher
Option 3 – Direct Testimonial Statement $3,000 Credit Voucher

The first 100 Eligible Submissions made by 9/30/2021 are entered to win a free TurboKnockout® ESC-mediated project.

Past clients can submit one (1) entry for each option, up to a total of three (3) entries for the free TurboKnockout® ESC-mediated project (valued up to $32,055).

How to Join Cyagen’s Ambassador Program

Multiple options are available for clients who wish to participate in the Cyagen Ambassador program – the following submissions types are accepted:

●  Option 1 – Social Media Share: Share your feedback about working with Cyagen on social media (Twitter or Linkedin or Facebook). Follow Cyagen’s social media account and tag us when sharing Cyagen’s Ambassador Program post with your feedback. Submit your proposed social media post content using the form before publishing to ensure that it qualifies.

■  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cyagen-biosciences (Tag @Cyagen)
■  Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyagenBio (Tag @CyagenBio)
■  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CyagenBiosciences (Tag @CyagenBiosciences)

●  Option 2 – Academic Presentations & Events: Mention your implementation of Cyagen’s services and products and/or experience working with Cyagen at academic events, vendor shows, conferences, or small community presentations. Submit reference documents using the form below.

●  Option 3 – Direct Testimonial Statement: Share a review of your experience working with Cyagen (in text or video format) to be shared in our Client Testimonials, and may be featured in other marketing materials, including our Technical Bulletins. Testimonial statements are as brief as 1-3 sentences, but you may make them as long as you desire. Not Sure What to Say?

In addition to the above submission types, we are open to accepting alternative formats of testimonial submissions – contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback.


Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: Customers who have purchased Cyagen’s products or services.

Voucher Details: Vouchers are valid for use until December 31, 2021. Non-refundable, non-transferable, and valid for a single transaction only. It has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. Not valid in conjunction with other special promotions or discounts. Other discounts cannot be applied while using any voucher. The value of credit vouchers may not be combined. Random integration transgenic model generation services are limited to a maximum discount of 5% as provided by the credit. Credit vouchers may only provide a maximum of 15% credit towards the applied project.

Free Model Prize Details: The first hundred (100) eligible submissions made by 9/30/2021 will be entered to win one (1) ES cell mediated project (Up to $32,055). Prize amount only applicable to the model generation costs, additional fees (including S&H, etc.) are to be covered by the recipient. Winner will be notified by email.

Agreement to Rules: By entering, the Entrant (“You”) agrees to abide by the Cyagen's (“Sponsor”) Official Rules and decisions, which are fully and unconditionally binding in all respects. The Sponsor reserve the right to refuse, withdraw, or disqualify any entry at any time at the Sponsor’s sole discretion. By entering, You represent and warrant that You are eligible to participate based on eligibility requirements. You also agree to accept the decisions of the Sponsor as final and binding as it relates to the content of this Cyagen Ambassador Program.

Not Sure What to Say?

If you are interested in putting together a testimonial statement, we have put together some aspects of the service experience that may help spark some ideas for you. Consider including the aspects of working with Cyagen that you would want to share with your colleagues that are considering similar research services.

Topic Ideas:

 Process ease and transparency

 Interactions with our team

 Project economy, efficiency, turnaround

 How our model services and/or products were used in your publication(s)

 Novel findings and discoveries enabled by our model services and/or products

Testimonial statements are typically 1-3 sentences, but you are welcome to take creative liberties and make it as long as you want! Our Client Testimonials feature numerous examples you can reference for additional ideas. If you would like any editorial input (i.e., grammar, edits for clarity, etc.), please indicate so when submitting your testimonial content by checking the associated box.

About Cyagen

In under 15 years since its founding, Cyagen has become a leading provider of custom mouse and rat models – delivering over 78,400 models to researchers worldwide and receiving over 4,750 peer-reviewed citations. Our expansive range of products and services include:

●  Custom Rodent Models: TurboKnockout® gene targeting mice, Rosa26 Transgenic, Knockout (KO), conditional KO (cKO/floxed), Large-fragment Knockin (LFKI), point mutation, and much more
●  Cell line generation: knockout (KO), knockin, point mutation, overexpression
●  Cell products: research-use stem cells, media, differentiation kits, cell culture supplements and reagents
●  DNA vector construction and BAC modification (Recombineering) services
●  Virus packaging services

As a “one-stop shop” contract research organization (CRO) focused on genetics research – Cyagen’s mission is to bring outstanding-quality research reagents, tools, and services to the research community at highly competitive prices. Cyagen prides itself on its premium customer service:  including price-matching, client access to complimentary technical consultations, full confidentiality, and a 100% money-back service guarantee.

Cyagen Model Generation Expertise
15+ years' experience in
custom animal model
70,000+ animal models
generated and delivered
4,000+ citations in SCI
journals for our services
3,000+ university and
company partners