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Conditional Knockout/Knockin Mice

Is your research grant expiring? Cyagen's Expiring Grant Promotion can help you extend your research with big savings. If you have projects involving the generation of a custom mouse, lock in your saving now (up to $10,000) to ensure your funds don't go to waste.

The more mouse models you order, the more you save! When you or collaborate with colleagues and order multiple mouse models, you can save more!

≥ 1 project
Up to 30% OFF
≥ 3 projects
Up to 35% OFF
≥ 5 projects
Up to 40% OFF

● Promotion Period: November 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018       ● Eligibility: End clients in North America and Europe

Custom Mouse Models
Service Turnaround Deliverables
CRISPR point mutation mice 6-9 months ≥ 3 F1
CRISPR ROSA26 knockin mice 6-9 months ≥ 3 F1
CRISPR any locus knockin mice 6-9 months ≥ 3 F1
CRISPR conditional knockout mice 6-9 months ≥ 3 F1
TurboKnockout® ES cell based
conditional knockout/knockin mice
6-8 months ≥ 4 founders

● Customers who place a TurboKnockout® order will receive free cryopreservation of their model for up to 3 years.
● Large fragment insertion is up to 12kb in CRISPR knockin projects.
● Multiple services can be selected and purchased together at once.

How to Order?

US: 800-921-8930 or +1 408-969-0306 (Int'l)
Europe: 800-793-45 or +32-28085797 (Int'l)

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Cyagen’s Advantages

Over 12 years of experience in custom animal model generation

Working with over 1,000 bioscience institutions worldwide

Over 26,000 mouse & rat models delivered to date worldwide

Over 2,300 citations in SCI journals

Our AAALAC accredited facility can house up to 150,000 SPF animals