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Are you considering custom animal models to accelerate your next research project? Cyagen's Colleague Referral Program can help extend your research with big savings for multiple projects - the more colleagues you refer, the more everyone saves! Invite four (4) or more colleagues for everyone to save up to 25% on our Knockout Catalog Models and custom animal model (CAM) development, including HUGO-GT, CRISPR gene editing and embryonic stem (ES) cell-mediated projects.
Collaborate with Research
Colleagues - Save up to 25%
CAM Capabilities

Collaborate with colleagues to order multiple animal models together and everyone can enjoy higher discounts - save up to 25% when performing 4 or more projects! Start your progress now by registering below as either a Referrer (to begin inviting colleagues) or Invitee (those who received a colleague’s invite to join a group discount). Our experts will follow up to provide your complimentary project strategy details and quote.

If your research colleagues have projects involving custom mouse or rat generation or require the use of KO/cKO mouse models, place an order now and enjoy great discounts ranging from 10% - 25%.

Friend Referral Program Details
Custom Mouse and Rat Model Services
Model Generation Services Species 1 Project ≥2 Projects ≥3 Projects ≥4 Projects
HUGO-GT™ Next-Generation Humanized Models Mouse 10% off 15% off 20% off 25% off
ES Cell-Mediated Gene Modification TurboKnockout Mouse only
CRISPR- based Gene Editing Knockout (KO) Mouse or Rat
KI (any locus)
Point mutation
Knockout Catalog Models Knockout (KO) Mouse only
Conditional KO (cKO)
Terms and Conditions
Promotion Period Offer ends September 30, 2024.
  • Academic end clients in Europe, North America, and South America.
  • Promotional pricing is only available for new projects under the “Applicable Services” described below. This offer may not be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • You will be enrolled in the Referral program only when filling in the Request Forms as required for either the Referrer or Invitee. Enrollees must use a valid business and/or academic email account (no personal accounts, e.g. @gmail.com).
  • Each Invitee referral will be considered applicable to the total group discount awarded only once the project has been quoted and initiated. All invitees must be confirmed within 30 days of the first project initiation to finalize the group discount rate for all related project payments.
  • Ask us about higher discount opportunities for ordering additional projects and/or combining with our CRO services, such as mouse colony management solutions and breeding.
  • Cyagen reserves the right of final explanation for details governing this Referral Program and administration of discount/savings awards. Please contact our customer service team (animal-service@cyagen.com) if you have further questions.
Applicable Services
Custom Animal Model (CAM) Generation
Cyagen’s Knockout Catalog Models
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I would like to recommend that you tryout Cyagen’s research products & services! You can participate in Cyagen’s best offer using this link:

Through Cyagen’s referral program, both you and I will receive up to 25% off animal models for our research! Join me in ordering animal models together and everyone can enjoy higher discounts for research-ready rodent models with a guaranteed genotype.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cyagen Supporting Team at animal-service@cyagen.com. They will respond within 24 hours.
Cyagen can create any custom mouse or rat model for your project, from simple knockout (KO) and point mutation constructs, all the way through to more complicated constructs, such as conditional knockin (cKI) or humanization models. We have also established over 16,000 strains of KO and cKO mouse models available for ordering from the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models repository.
Knockout Mouse Model Catalog

Search by your gene of interest on our Knockout Catalog below to discover your next KO mouse model. Submit an inquiry and our team will be in touch within 48 hours to provide you with a project quote.

Custom Mouse & Rat Model Generation
Knockouts (KO)
Constitutive knockouts can be quickly generated utilizing TurboKnockout® embryonic stem cell (ESC) based technology providing ESC based models at timelines comparable to CRISPR based models. CRISPR is also available, with AI-based bioinformatic analysis driving identification of the optimal region to target.
Conditional Knockouts and Knock-ins (cKO/cKI)
Conditional knockouts and knock-ins can also be quickly generated using TurboKnockout®. With a germline guarantee and self-deleting selection cassette, TurboKnockout® accelerates traditional ESC based model generation.
Point Mutation Knock-ins
Point mutations can be quickly generated via CRISPR or Cyagen’s accelerated ESC based method, TurboKnockout®, enabling more complex point mutations and/or genetic modifications.
Large-fragment Knock-ins (LFKI)
Rosa26 and other safe harbor loci can be targeted for large fragment knock-ins (LFKI) using a variety of methodologies to ensure your studies are not limited by technology or capability. With the ability to perform LFKI at any locus, the only limit to your studies is your ingenuity.
Humanized models have been widely used in studies of human gene function, immuno-oncology therapeutics, infectious disease pathology, and preclinical drug evaluation in the field of biomedicine. Our TurboKnockout® technology enables more efficient and stable gene integration for the development of humanized mouse models, including our HUGO-GT™ Next-Generation Humanized Models.
With the capability to generate both traditional and PiggyBac-based transgenics, we can provide your research with cost-effective transgenic models with the ability to avoid gene silencing with single- copy-per-integration-site, and no loss of transgene sequence when using PiggyBac.
Multiple Donor Strains Available
● Mouse: C57BL/6, FVB, BALB/c
● Rat: Sprague-Dawley (SD), Wistar, F344, Long evans, Brown Norway
TurboKnockout®: Proprietary ES Cell-Mediated Method for Accelerated Mouse Model Generation
Highlights of TurboKnockout® Gene Targeting
  • No patent risk: Technology of choice for drug development projects
  • Success rate: 100% guaranteed germline transmission (GLT)
  • Turnaround time: Founders as fast as 6-8 months
  • Large fragment knockin size: Knockin (KI) fragment size up to 300 kb
  • Limitless loxP: No size limitations for your floxed region
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee on TurboKnockout® projects
HUGO-GT™ Next-Generation Humanized Mouse Model for Preclinical Research

Our HUGO-GT™ Next-Generation Humanized Models employ our proprietary TurboKnockout-Pro technology to perform in-situ replacement of the targeted mouse endogenous gene, creating full-length genomic sequence humanized mouse models with a broader range of intervention targets. Cyagen's HUGO-GT™ model steps in to replace existing humanized models, catering to the needs of preclinical research and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Efficient Drug Screening: The humanized region of the HUGO-GT™ model mirrors the pathogenic genes in humans and encompasses most drug targets.
  • Gene Therapy Research Platform: Especially beneficial for gene therapy drugs requiring stringent gene sequence integrity, such as ASO, CRISPR, and siRNA.
  • Full-length Coverage of Pathogenic Genes: Large-scale genomic segment replacement allows for complete coverage of disease hotspot mutation regions, including exons, introns, and both UTR regions.
  • Tailored Customization: Custom site-specific targeting of large gene segments up to 350 Kb.
  • Rapid Disease Model Development: We can modify existing HUGO-GT™ wild-type (WT) humanized ES cells to develop mutation-specific models of disease.
Advantages of Our Custom Animal Model Services
Guaranteed Project Genotype
To mitigate the risks associated with custom model generation, Cyagen provides a unique genotype guarantee* - confirmed using standard PCR validation of the expected fragment size to match the original project strategy - to give you further peace of mind. *Does not guarantee biological outcome (i.e., transgene expression levels) and is limited by modifications that may negatively affect the health and viability.
Comprehensive Capabilities
Provides researchers with access to a comprehensive toolkit of technologies, including but not limited to: CRISPR/Cas9, transgenic technology, PiggyBac, and embryonic stem (ES) cell-based homologous recombination (HR).
Fast Project Scoping & Quotes
We will work with you to identify the optimal CAM project strategy to serve your research goals and suit your budget. All CAM projects are OLAW-assured and AAALAC-accredited.
Project Price Matching
Our team will price match custom animal model (CAM) project quotes from competitors and core facilities to help ensure researchers get the best deal for their study. With our Price Matching offer, we will provide a quote with the equivalent scope of work and an additional 5% discount. Bring your quote, we match it.
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generation project consultation, strategy, and quote.