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If you are considering applying for a grant, reviewers will seek to understand the strategies used in generating any research models for your proposal. Cyagen’s model generation experts can provide you with a letter of support for your project, clarifying the key significance of the custom model for your research – easing reviewer concerns.

When it comes to your next grant application, Cyagen has your back.

How can Cyagen help you?

Targeting strategies provided within 48 hours of request
Detailed quotes with estimated turnaround times for your grant applications
Free project consultation from our scientists
Price matching policy: we’ll match competitors with an additional 5% discount
Complimentary Research Project (R01) grant support letter

About Cyagen

Cyagen is the world's largest provider of custom-engineered mouse and rat models. Additionally, Cyagen offers a comprehensive series of stem cell products for research use, including cell lines, media, and differentiation kits. Our services have become well known for their top quality, full guarantee, and competitive prices.

As a leader in custom animal models and molecular biology tools, Cyagen prides itself on the mission of bringing outstanding-quality research reagents, tools, and services to the worldwide biological research community at highly competitive prices.

The World’s Leading Provider of Custom Mouse & Rat Model Generation Services.

Species Service* Turnaround
Mouse TurboKnockout® KO/KI/cKO 6 – 8 months
Conventional (ES cell) KO/KI/cKO 9 – 14 months
CRSIPR-mediated KO/KI 3 – 8 months
PiggyBac Transgenic 2 – 5 months
Mouse Embryo PiggyBac Transgenic Embryo 1 – 3 months
Rat CRISPR-mediated KO/KI 3 – 8 months
PiggyBac Transgenic 3 – 5 months

*Cyagen Guarantee: We ensure delivery of animals with specified genotype, or your money back.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at animal-service@cyagen.com or by phone at 800-921-8930 (8-6pm PST) in the US or +1 408-969-0306 (Int'l).