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Fully human antibodies are transforming the immunotherapeutic landscape for cancer and autoimmune diseases, offering superior affinity, specificity, and minimized side effects. To meet the rising demand for innovative in vivo models for fully human antibody discovery and drug development, Cyagen has leveraged cutting-edge technologies to introduce HUmanized Genomic Ortholog for Antibody Development (HUGO-Ab™) mouse models.

Join us for an exciting webinar, hosted with Biointron by The Antibody Society, where Dr. Shun Zhou will explore the revolutionary potential of the genome-edited HUGO-Ab™ mice. In these models, endogenous VH and VL genes are replaced by fully human VH and VL genes in situ, enabling the generation of fully human antibody molecules. Coupled with microfluidic technology-enhanced single B cell screening, this approach allows for the high-throughput and efficient discovery of antibody drug molecules.

Time: Thursday July 25, 2024 8am PT, 11am ET
Who Should Attend?
  • Cancer Researchers: Scientists developing new cancer therapies using fully human antibodies.
  • Immunologists: Researchers studying immune system interactions with cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • Drug Development Professionals: Individuals involved in antibody-based drug discovery and development.
  • Biotech and Pharma Companies: Representatives seeking innovative in vivo models for fully human antibody discovery.
  • Academic Researchers: Professors, postdocs, and graduate students in related fields.
Key Topics

Join us for an in-depth exploration of fully humanized antibody development with HUGO-AbTM mice. This webinar will highlight the innovative features and applications of HUGO-AbTM mice, showcasing how they empower breakthroughs in drug development.

Our expert speaker will delve into the technology behind HUGO-AbTM, its genetic analysis, and its superior immune response capabilities. You’ll also learn about the functional validation of antibodies and the unique benefits of HUGO-AbTM mice compared to competitors.

Topics Covered:
  • Basics of HUGO-AbTM mice – Principles & benefits
  • Introduction to Cyagen’s TurboKnockoutTM technology
  • Detailed analysis of genetic rearrangement in HUGO-AbTM mice
  • Overview of immune response and high-affinity antibody production
  • Comparison with other humanized antibody products
  • Applications of common light chain mice for bispecific antibodies
  • Patent status and freedom to operate in major markets
Shun Zhou, Ph.D.
R&D Director

Shun Zhou holds a Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Genetics from the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University, USA. With over 10 years of research and development experience in molecular biology, cell biology, and genetics, his work has been published in more than 10 articles in journals such as PNAS and Acta Biomaterialia. Currently serving as the R&D Director at Cyagen Bioscience, he has extensive project research experience in gene editing technologies, Gene and Cell therapy drug research technologies, and antibody discovery technologies, participating in several preclinical projects for antibody drugs and gene and cell therapy drugs.

About Cyagen

Cyagen is a global leader in custom genetically modified rodent models and cell and gene therapy (CGT) R&D. With 17+ years of experience, we provide customized disease model development via CRISPR-Pro, TurboKnockout, and transgenic technologies, while our Knockout Catalog Models feature over 16,000 ready-to-use KO/cKO mouse strains. Our Humanized Genomic Ortholog for Gene Therapy (HUGO-GT™) program offers a higher degree of humanization compared to traditional models, achieving fully-genomically humanized mouse models that facilitate a more robust understanding of the effects of gene mutations and enhance the translatability of therapeutics from preclinical studies to clinical applications. Beyond research model generation, our one-stop CRO solutions include AAV discovery, an "AI+CGT" platform to accelerate CGT research, drug efficacy studies, and more. Our Rare Disease Data Center (RDDC) supports rare disease research with AI-driven bioinformatics tools. Our cutting-edge gene therapy and drug development research platforms are trusted by partners worldwide. Contact us for a free consultation.

The HUGO-Ab™ Humanized Antibody Discovery Platform developed by Cyagen offers a revolutionary approach to therapeutic antibody discovery. This advanced mouse model has been humanized to contain immunoglobulin variable regions, promoting a robust and diverse immune response. The platform supports antibody functional pharmacologic evaluation, including in vitro and in vivo efficacy assessments, and is optimized for generating high-affinity, fully human antibodies suitable for drug development. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, HUGO-Ab™ aims to meet the growing demand for innovative in vivo models in cancer and autoimmune disease research, ensuring low immunogenicity and exceptional binding affinity in antibody screening processes. Based on the HUGO-Ab™ humanized antibody mouse model and antibody discovery platform, we look forward to collaborating with researchers to fully leverage the drug-like properties optimized in the mouse model and advance the development of human antibodies.