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Humanized ACE2 Mouse Catalog Models

Through crossbreeding of the initially developed humanized ACE2 (hACE2) mice, we are developing mouse models which express both chromosomal copies of the hACE2 sequence. Using models with a homozygous genotype ensures a consistent genetic expression profile throughout all tissues of an organism. Additionally, homozygous models often enhance the mutant phenotype seen in heterozygous strains.

As part of our continued development of ACE2 mouse models for COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 research, we are excited to announce that new homozygous hACE2 mouse models are nearly ready for delivery! These hACE2 models are estimated to be available to researchers in as soon as 1 month – starting from $800/mouse.

Upon request, we are able to provide technical reports for these hACE2 models.
Product Background Genotype Price ($) per Mouse1
Humanized ACE2 Mice
(Endogenous Replacement)
C57BL/6J Heterozygous $800
Homozygous $1,500
Promotion Period: Request a quote before December 31, 2020
Eligibility: Academic customers in US & EU. Contact us for eligibility in other regions or for commercial use.

It is well understood that using a variety of animal models can serve to elucidate the function of genes in developing diseases. To support researchers investigating the implications of ACE2 in COVID-19 pathology, we have developed many different ACE2 mouse models since the beginning of the pandemic:

ACE2 Catalog Models Backgrounds
Knockout (KO) C57BL/6J
Humanized Mice (ROSA26 cKI)
Humanized Mice (Endogenous Replacement)

Genetic Overview

The gRNA to mouse ACE2 gene, the donor vector containing "aa.18 to aa.805 of human ACE2" cassette, and Cas9 mRNA were co-injected into fertilized mouse eggs to generate targeted knockin offspring. F0 founder animals were identified by PCR followed by sequence analysis, which were bred to wildtype mice to test germline transmission and F1 animal generation.

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