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Generation of Genetically Humanized Mouse Models for Research Applications
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Generation of Genetically Humanized Mouse Models for Research Applications

Collective experience in research and development of new drugs has shown that the initial safety, effectiveness, predictability, reproducibility, and clinical applicability results are directly connected with the need to establish an ideal preclinical animal model platform. Introducing human-related genes into mice to construct genetically humanized mice that can better simulate and predict the process of human disease yields a widely used experimental animal model with numerous application advantages.

Genetically engineered humanized mouse models include a wide variety of gene modification strategies, such as point mutation, small knockin, and large-fragment knockin. Among these, it is easier to prepare point mutations and small fragment knockin mice. In contrast, the preparation of large genome fragment knockin humanized mice is technically challenging.

In this webinar, experts will lead us to explore the strategies for generating humanized mice with large fragment knockin (LFKI), application areas, current technical difficulties, and breakthroughs.

In this Webinar, you will learn:
● Species of genetically engineered humanized mice
● The necessity of humanizing mice with large genome fragments
● Difficulties and coping strategies in the preparation of humanized mice with large genome fragment
● Applications of large genome fragment knockin humanized mice
● Live Q&A with the expert
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About the Presenter
Dr. Marvin Yingbin Ouyang

Dr. Marvin Yingbin Ouyang
Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Cyagen

Dr. Ouyang has served as a senior scientist at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Thios Pharmaceuticals in the United States, and as Group Leader of the Molecular Biology Department of Taconic Biosciences. Over the past 20 years, he has been committed to creating genetically engineered mice, having successfully developed thousands of transgenic and gene knockout/knockin mouse and rat models while at Cyagen. He has published many papers in high-level academic journals such as PNAS and JBC; his technical services have been directly cited by Nature and other international journals hundreds of times.

About Cyagen

Cyagen is a 700-employee company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with additional locations in Japan and production facilities in China. Cyagen is a leading provider of complete research model solutions. We offer a “one-stop-shop” tailored to biomedical scientists’ gene research needs.

Our comprehensive services cover the entire process of animal model generation: from transgenic/gene targeting strategy design to animal model development, breeding, cryopreservation, and animal phenotype analysis. In addition, our virus products and services are widely used in the construction of various cell models, in vivo injection of living animals, gene therapy, and other research fields.

Research Services Details
Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models Over 16,000 ready-to-use knockout (KO)/conditional knockout (cKO) mouse models
Custom Mouse & Rat Models
(Genetically Modified)
● Knockout, Conditional Knockout
● Knockin, Conditional Knockin
● Humanization
● Point Mutation
● Transgenic
Drug Screening and Assessment Mouse Models ● Genetically modified tumor mouse/rat models
● Immunodeficient mice
● Syngeneic model
● Human tumor cell line xenotransplantation (CDX) model
● Mice with reconstituted human immune system
● Immune checkpoint (ICP) humanized mice
● Models for metabolic disease and drug efficacy evaluations
Animal Model Phenotype Analysis & Supporting Services ● Animal Surgical & Disease Model Services
● Phenotype Analysis of Mouse and Rat Models
● Breeding Service
● Cryopreservation Service
Cell Products and Services ● Cell Line Generation - KO/KI/Point Mutation/Overexpression
● Viral Vector Construction
● Lentivirus Packaging
● Stem Cells
● Cell Media
● Cell Supplements

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