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Do you know a fellow researcher that is looking to expand his/her research to genetically modified mice or rats, or wants to develop new animal models? Generating a new animal model can be a challenge for many labs.

We would like to make it easy and beneficial to refer your friends and colleagues to Cyagen’s animal model generation services. When your referral places an order, you will both receive an extra 10% off your next project.

Refer a colleague before our program ends on December 31, 2018!

Animal model generation
ES cell-based Gene Targeting Services
Save up to $3150
CRISPR-based Services
Save up to $3660
Transgenic Services
Save up to $1980
Refer a colleague today
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● Referral must place their order within 30 days of parent order being placed.

● Order and referral will be checked for payment before discount is issued.

● Discount will be applied to order and reflected on final invoice.