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  • Rare Disease Model Collaboration Program

  • Distinguished Support for Rare Disease Research

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As a leading provider of custom mouse and rat models, Cyagen aims to support the advancement of rare disease and related gene therapy research with our expertise. Cyagen is committed to enabling development of therapeutics for rare diseases by developing precise animal models to study disease mechanisms, target validation, drug screening and more.

Researchers are invited to join our Rare Disease Model Collaboration Program to help inform our development of rare disease models. If desired, you may also opt-in to receive updates regarding rare disease news, funding opportunities and more.

Rare Disease Model Collaboration Program

Cyagen's Rare Disease Model Collaboration Program is designed to partner with researchers worldwide to develop precise animal models for rare disease studies - directly supporting drug development. If you have any plans, strategies, or recommendations on rare disease model development, please join our Program.

With this program, we aim to build a community of rare disease researchers with ideas for the next generation of animal models needed to advance their field of study.

Cyagen Technical Expert teams are here to help your research. Join our program to begin exploring the potential strategies and solutions for rare disease studies that may be achieved with our custom animal model capabilities.

Custom Animal Model Platform for Rare Disease Research

Cyagen has aimed to support rare disease studies in a variety of ways. For the last 5 years, we have worked with the Rare Genomics Institute to participate as a technology award sponsor for their BeHEARD Rare Disease Science Challenges. In addition to offering funding support, we have promoted awareness of rare diseases through initiatives such as Rare Disease Day as well as educational Technical Bulletins on related topics.

From strategy design through to delivery of research-ready custom models, Cyagen offers complete outsourcing for all your animal model needs. We can create any custom mouse or rat model with guaranteed genotype validation, even offering phenotypic characterization and other downstream services required to establish a rare disease model.

Cyagen Resources for Rare Disease Research
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>> Rare Disease Grant Awards Announced for BeHEARD Challenge
>> Case Studies in Gene Therapy - Applications of Accurate Mouse Models
>> Pathogenic Genes of Rare Disease - SMN1 in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research
>> The Pathogenic Gene of Huntington's disease – HTT
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Cyagen's Expertise

In under 15 years since its founding, Cyagen has become a leading provider of custom mouse and rat models – delivering over 78,400 models to researchers worldwide and receiving over 4,750 peer-reviewed citations. Cyagen prides itself on its premium customer service:  including price-matching, client access to complimentary technical consultations, full confidentiality, and a 100% money-back service guarantee.

Cyagen Knockout (KO) Catalog Models Repository

Over 10,000 knockout (KO) mouse models are available from the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models repository with the following advantages compared to other KO repositories:

-  Reduced Risk: Validated genome, guaranteed models
-  Skip Backcrossing: 100% pure C57BL/6 background
-  Fast Turnaround: Delivered in as few as 3 months

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