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Exclusive Handbook: Frequently Asked Questions on Cell Line Generation
White Paper:
How Rat Models are Revitalizing Alzheimer's
 Disease and Tumor Research

Establishing appropriate animal models of disease is of vital importance in basic medical research – for which, rats and mice have become the animals of choice. However, rats are significantly superior to mice in many research areas, which strongly benefit from the larger size, superior cognition, and more human-like physiology, morphology, and genetics of rats.

In this exclusive white paper, we review the research applications of rat models in Alzheimer's disease, oncology, and more.

Download this white paper to discover how rat models revitalizing human disease and tumor research >>


Outline of Contents:
1. Genetic & Physiological Differences Between Rats and Mice
2. What are Rats Used For in Research?
3. CRISPR/Cas9 Applications in Rat Model Generation
4. Cyagen Case Studies
● Case study 1:Applications of Rat Models in Alzheimer's Disease Research
● Case study 2:Rat Models in Tumor Research
5. Cyagen Custom Rat Model
About Cyagen
About Cyagen

With more than 15 years’ experience in genetic engineering, Cyagen offers a complete range of services to support research, including: custom genetically engineered models, ready-to-use catalog models, drug development models, colony management, and phenotype analysis - allowing researchers worldwide to create, manage, and monitor models with ease.