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Share IP, Save 40%
Why Choose Cyagen?
Unlock Savings with Cyagen's Innovative Campaign
Join our "Share IP, Save 40%" campaign and enjoy substantial cost savings on your next gene targeting project. Our embryonic stem cell (ESC)-based services provide cutting-edge genetic models to empower your research.
How It Works
Share Intellectual Property
Collaborate with us by agreeing to share the intellectual property rights of your project, so other researchers can implement your model.
Save 40%
Benefit from an exclusive 40% discount on our ESC-based gene targeting services.
Publication Requirement
Acknowledge Cyagen as the model producer in any resulting publications.
Why Participate
Substantial savings on high-quality gene targeting services.
Accelerate Research
Expedited access to advanced gene models with our TurboKnockout® technology.
Collaborative Innovation
Be part of a community driving scientific progress through shared discovery.
Eligibility and Scope
This campaign applies to all ESC-based gene
targeting services.
Diverse Applications
Our services are ideal for a range of research areas, including genetic analysis and complex disease modeling.
Boost Your ESC Project with HUGO-GT™ Collaboration
Explore the HUGO-GT™ Program alongside our "Share IP, Save 40%" campaign for an opportunity to co-develop advanced genomic models. This program accelerates gene therapy research with comprehensive genomic coverage and supports various gene therapy methods like ASO, CRISPR, and siRNA.
Join us for:
- Full Genomic DNA Humanized Models
- Efficient Drug Screening Platforms
- Flexible Collaboration: From licensing to co-development
Dive into the future of gene therapy by collaborating with us through the HUGO-GT™ initiative. Learn more and join the program to enhance your research capabilities.
Take the Lead in Scientific Discovery
Request More Information and discover how shared IP can be a catalyst for your research.
The Cyagen Advantage in Gene Targeting
Cyagen has been a trailblazer in genetic analysis for over 17 years with our ES cell-based gene targeting services. Our TurboKnockout® technology rapidly and accurately delivers complex gene targeting mouse projects in as fast as 6-8 months.
Process and Technology
TurboKnockout® Service: Obtain your KO, cKO, point mutation, reporter KI, ROSA26 KI, and humanization models within 6-8 months. For conditional knockouts, it may be possible for Cyagen to breed founders directly to your tissue-specific Cre mice or even develop the Cre strains necessary for your study.
Innovative Features
Super Competent ES Cell Line
Guarantees 100% ESC-derived founder mice, rather than chimeras, bypassing the need to screen for germline transmission.
Self-Deleting Selection Cassette
Simplifies the process by eliminating the need for subsequent Flp deleter mouse breeding.
Our Track Record
17+ years in custom animal model generation.
Global Reach
Delivery of over 50,000 models worldwide.
9,000+ citations in SCI journals and partnerships with over 7,000 institutions.
Quality Assurance
AAALAC accreditation, OLAW assurance, and a money-back guarantee.
Why TurboKnockout® Stands Out
Fast Turnaround
Delivery of models within 6-8 months, surpassing traditional methods.
Accurate genetic modifications with zero off-target effects.
Applicable for a broad range of genetic alterations, including KO, cKO, point mutation, humanization, and more.