In the rapidly advancing field of gene therapy, the efficiency and reliability of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors play a pivotal role in driving groundbreaking research and therapeutic developments. At Cyagen, we stand at the forefront of this revolution, offering a comprehensive suite of AI-assisted AAV production services designed to streamline your experimental process and elevate your research to new heights. Our commitment to excellence extends across the entire spectrum of AAV production, from vector design and construction to virus packaging, purification, expression analysis, and functional validation.

Revolutionizing Gene Therapy with AI-Assisted AAV Packaging

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of AAV production, covering vector design, construction, virus packaging, purification, expression analysis, and functional validation. Our services include purified virus production for both in vitro cell and in vivo animal applications, offering overexpression, interference, and knockout AAVs across various serotypes. Our goal is to streamline your experimental process by providing comprehensive support from AAV design to validation. The credibility of our virus packaging services is reinforced by widespread use in various cell line models and in vivo studies, with numerous citations in peer-reviewed publications supporting their effectiveness.

Service Type: Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Packaging

Specification Titer (GC/ml) Turnaround Time
1×10¹² GC ≥5×10¹² GC/ml As fast as 2 weeks
2×10¹² GC ≥5×10¹² GC/ml As fast as 2 weeks
5×10¹² GC ≥1×10¹³ GC/ml As fast as 2 weeks
1×10¹³ GC ≥1×10¹³ GC/ml As fast as 2 weeks

Note: GC stands for Genome Copies. Additional AAV virus specifications and other virus packaging types such as lentivirus and adenovirus are available. For more information, contact us at 800-921-8930 or

Service Advantages

Ø AI-Assisted Screening: Augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, we streamline the selection of AAV capsid proteins, reducing the cost of experimental trial and error.

Ø Reliable Quality: Employing a triple-plasmid transfection system, with a variety of serotype options, we ensure high purity (>95%) and low endotoxin levels (<10EU/ml).

Ø Proven Expertise: Over a decade of experience in virus packaging, an expanding inventory of readily available products, and stable validation data supported by numerous customer citations in published literature.

Ø Comprehensive Services: From AAV packaging and the development of cell/animal models to phenotype analysis, tissue examination, and mechanistic exploration, our services cover the entire spectrum of your research needs.

Service Cases

1. AI-Assisted Selection of Novel AAVs

Figure 1. Post-intravitreal injection (3E9 vg/eye) at 21 days, fundus fluorescence photography and retinal section staining demonstrate superior penetration of novel AAV variants compared to the wild type AAV2 and the clinically-proven AAV2-7M8.

Figure 2. Equal doses (1E11 vg) of virus administered intravenously show that novel mutants achieve higher brain infection efficiencies than both php.eb and wild-type AAV9 by week four, as measured by luciferase assay.

2. AAV Infection Efficiency Display

Figure 3. Different serotypes of AAV at multiplicity of infection (MOI)=1E5 infecting 293T cells and strong fluorescent signals can be observed 48 hours later, with AAVDJ and AAV2 being the strongest.

3. Precise Delivery of AAVs via Stereotactic Injection

Figure 4. Stereotactic injection into the mouse brain (hippocampus/lateral ventricle) is displayed, highlighting the precise targeting achieved during AAV delivery.

Comprehensive Support for Your Research Journey

Beyond AAV packaging, Cyagen offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing full-scale cell and animal model development. From detailed phenotypic analyses to tissue assessments, our expertise spans the entirety of your research needs.

Accelerate your preclinical gene therapy research with Cyagen's AAV packaging services, where cutting-edge science meets practical application. Begin your journey with us today!