Academic researchers interested in utilizing mouse or rat models are invited to apply for the Taconic-Cyagen Custom Animal Model Awards (CAMA) competition – offering a range of grant awards valued over $77,350 that will help fund six (6) custom animal model (CAM) project proposals anticipated to most significantly impact their respective research fields. To ensure that no applicant’s time is wasted, we will provide 10% off CAM projects as proposed in the related application.

We recently published Entry Tips for the Taconic-Cyagen Custom Animal Model Awards (CAMA) Grant Competition - this guide is intended to help interested applicants optimize their entry, perform competitively in the review process, and maximize chances of winning a grant award. As noted in the article, the research proposal needs to clearly convey how the specific animal model proposed is appropriate for the biological questions to be addressed. In many cases, there are a multitude of gene modification approaches that may be used to generate custom animal models. Understanding which method will provide the best results for your project plan and timeline is critical to developing a thorough application.


Our 3-step consultation process will support your preparations to apply for a CAMA grant:

  1. Initial consultation – 30-minute Teleconference
  • Design capabilities include (but are not limited to): TurboKnockout®, CRISPR, Constitutive KO, Point Mutation, Conditional Knockout, PiggyBac Transgenic, Targeted Transgenic (ROSA26, H11, Conditional Overexpression), Large Fragment Knockin
  1. After Teleconference, the Model Design Specialist will provide the following via email within 2-3 business days:
  • Targeting strategy – complete with details and figures
  • Price Quotation
  1. Second consultation – 30-60 Minute Teleconference
  • Step-by-Step review of Targeting Strategy with Model Design Specialist


We understand that the animal model development process is not a familiar subject to all researchers, but our experts are available to help you with your project plan. Contact us for a free consultation & receive a detailed animal model project strategy that will help support the bulk of your CAMA application.

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