Cyagen Biosciences (Suzhou) Inc. (“Cyagen Biosciences”) and Shanghai BaiYing Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (“Biointron”) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This partnership aims to fully leverage the advantages of Cyagen Biosciences' antibody discovery platform, featuring next-generation HUGO-Ab™ Fully Humanized Antibody Mice, in combination with the strengths of Biointron's Single B Cell Screening Antibody Discovery platform for developing antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Together, they will jointly promote the global development and commercialization of fully humanized antibody mice and antibody discovery projects, further empowering the rapid discovery, development and clinical translation of antibody drugs.

Rapid Antibody Discovery Portfolio: Single B Cell Screening and HUGO-Ab™ Fully Humanized Antibody Mice

Cyagen Biosciences and Biointron Chairpersons at Partnership Signing Ceremony (Left: Biointron Chairperson Zha Changchun, Right: Cyagen Biosciences Chairperson Lance Han)

At the signing ceremony, representatives from Biointron included Chairman Zha Changchun, General Manager Cheng Qianwen, and Senior Vice President Shi Lei. The event was witnessed by Cyagen Biosciences’ Chairman Lance Han, Board Secretary Zhong Wenjie, R&D Director Zhou Shun, Sales Director for Greater China Yin Chunyang, and Antibody Discovery Business Development Manager Wang Zhiyu. The representatives decided to collaborate on their unique Single B Cell Screening and HUGO-Ab™ Fully Humanized Antibody mice platforms to accelerate efficient antibody discovery, vaccine design, and the development of targeted therapies for effective clinical translation, including antigen-specific monoclonal antibody drugs (mAbs or Moabs).

Main Representatives for the Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Between Cyagen Biosciences and Biointron

HUGO-Ab™: Next-Generation Fully Humanized Antibody Mouse Models

Cyagen Biosciences has exclusively developed HUGO-Ab™ fully humanized antibody mice that can produce fully humanized antibodies with high affinity and low immunogenicity in vivo. Its outstanding performance potential has been demonstrated by excellent results in the preclinical antibody discovery process, gaining recognition from multiple multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and academic institutions.  HUGO-Ab™ mice are poised to serve as an efficient research and development model for new therapeutic antibody drugs.

Single B Cell Screening Antibody Discovery & Development Platform

Biointron's independently developed single B cell antibody development platform relies on microdroplet microfluidic systems and efficient signal amplification technology to achieve high-throughput identification of plasma cells secreting specific antibodies, capable of screening up to 2 x 106 plasma B cells from immunized animals within one day. The large number of positive cells obtained through screening are then processed by Biointron's single-cell sequencing platform, achieving the acquisition of naturally paired antibody sequences within a week. Furthermore, antigen specific antibody-secreting cells can be isolated, allowing for the detection of potentially rare antibodies and drugs. This strategic cooperation will comprehensively accelerate the innovative pace of fully humanized antibody drug research and development.

Strategic Antibody Discovery Cooperation: Key Details

  • Alliance to Accelerate Antibody Drug Discovery: Cyagen Biosciences and Biointron have formed a partnership that aims to advance antibody drug discovery through leveraging their respective technology platforms.
  • Global Development and Commercialization Focus: The collaboration aims to jointly promote the global development and commercialization of fully humanized antibody mice and antibody discovery projects, facilitating rapid discovery, development, and clinical translation of antibody drugs.
  • Efficient Antibody Discovery: Cyagen's HUGO-Ab™ mice produce fully humanized antibodies with high affinity and low immunogenicity, while Biointron's platform enables rapid screening and identification of specific antibody-secreting plasma cells.
    • Cyagen Biosciences' HUGO-Ab™ fully humanized antibody mice are featured for their ability to produce fully humanized antibodies with high affinity and low immunogenicity, offering potential for efficient research and development of therapeutic antibody drugs.
    • Biointron's Single B Cell Screening Platform: Biointron's single B cell antibody development platform is featured for its high-throughput capabilities in identifying plasma cells secreting specific antibodies, potentially accelerating the discovery of antigen-specific monoclonal antibody drugs.
  • Expedite Clinical Translation: The partnership facilitates the rapid discovery, development, and clinical translation of antibody drugs, including antigen-specific monoclonal antibody drugs, for targeted therapies and vaccine design.
  • Accelerate Innovation: Through comprehensive collaboration, the alliance aims to accelerate the pace of fully humanized antibody drug research and development, leveraging innovative platforms to address the growing demand for effective therapeutic solutions.

About Cyagen Biosciences

Founded in 2006, Cyagen Biosciences (“Cyagen”) is a global provider of genetically modified rodent models and innovative one-stop cell and gene therapy solutions for research and development, including: disease model development, AAV discovery, drug efficacy studies, and more. Cyagen serves global research from discovery to the clinic, having established its presence as an innovative CRO company that accelerates new drug development. Cyagen remains at the forefront of the gene-edited animal model industry: from in-stock models, custom models, breeding, to phenotypic analysis, it offers comprehensive solutions to meet clients' needs in basic research and new drug development. Moreover, Cyagen Biosciences continuously expands its service capabilities to maintain its cutting-edge technical advancements, establishing CRO service platforms for: preclinical pharmacology and pharmacodynamics with a focus on cancer research, ophthalmic disease gene therapy research, and antibody discovery capabilities featuring fully humanized antibody mice.

Cyagen currently has over 900 employees and multiple facilities with a total scale of over 40,000 square meters, including our US headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and additional locations in Japan and China. Cyagen Biosciences has established extensive cooperations with scientists and enterprises in over 100 countries worldwide, with its products and technologies being directly applied in more than 10,000 academic papers, including many published in the three major journals of CNS (Cell, Nature, Science). From its foundation in animal model development, to implementation of AI-powered tools for data analysis and therapeutic discoveries, Cyagen provides one-stop solutions for accelerating basic research and new drug research and development with our unique offering of models, data, algorithms, and services.

About Biointron

Founded in 2012, Biointron is an ISO 9001:2015 certified CRO specializing in antibody discovery, optimization, and expression, serving over 1,500 biotech and pharma companies globally.
Offers a comprehensive suite of services for antibody research, including discovery, screening, sequencing, humanization, and affinity maturation.
Holds global sublicensing rights for ECACC's CHO-K1 and has developed the CHOK1BN cell line, facilitating partners' projects to enter international clinical trials.
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