In our continuing efforts to expand the gene knockout models offered in the Cyagen Knockout Catalog, described in our recent Technical Bulletin, we are proud to announce the availability of over 10,000 KO mouse models. As of today, these additional genes are officially live in our catalog search, covering a large number of ‘hot’ genes, such as Sirt, Park, IL17/IL25, Nlrp, Mettl, Tlr and more.


Popular Gene Knockout (KO) Models Now Available

Knockout mouse models remain essential for gaining proper understanding of human disease mechanisms and play an important role in a variety of research areas. For your reference, we briefly summarize newly-available popular knockout mouse models used for a broad range of research applications in human disease studies, including: metabolic disease, neurological disorders, immunology, inflammatory disorders, oncology, and m6A methylation modification-related diseases.


Hot Genes Now Available as Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models

Gene KO Research Areas
Fgf21 · Metabolic Disease
Sirt3 · Metabolic Disease · Oncology
Sirt5 · Metabolic Disease
Nfe2l2 · Neuroscience (Parkinson’s disease & Alzheimer’s disease) · Oncology
Park2 · Neuroscience (Parkinson’s disease & Alzheimer’s disease) · Oncology
Trem2 · Neuroscience (Parkinson’s disease & Alzheimer’s disease)
Ifnar1 · Immunity & Inflammation · Oncology
Il17a · Immunity & Inflammation · Oncology
Ythdf1 & Ythdf3 · m6A methylation modification-related diseases · Oncology

Note: Deliverables for all projects are ≥3 live mice; both HET and HOMO breeding/expansion options available.


Search by Gene in the Newly-Updated Cyagen KO Catalog Models Database

Cyagen will continue to establish more Knockout Catalog Models, with plans to announce all new additions to our searchable catalog listings. Search our updated catalog now for your gene(s) of interest – our searchable database will automatically provide you with a personalized contact form if you would like to inquire about a specific gene KO.


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