Taconic Biosciences and Cyagen Biosciences have formed a strategic non-profit alliance. As partners, Taconic and Cyagen leverage the power of our complementary approaches to redefine the model generation customer experience by bringing the best and most competitive solutions to the market. Together, we have streamlined the model design process to provide the academic market access to premium model generation and colony management services backed by comprehensive capabilities and cutting-edge, fully licensed technologies with competitive pricing.

Our alliance provides you with expanded expertise, efficient animal delivery via Taconic’s RapidCHECK™ health monitoring service, state-of-the-art technologies, and reduced project timelines when compared with most university core facilities.




  • World-class gene modification experts provide critical consultation throughout the process
  • Additional consultation in genetics, veterinary sciences, breeding, therapeutic areas and applications
  • Accessible and hands-on complete project management



  • Complete risk assessment
  • Robust freedom to operate
  • Comprehensive quality checks throughout model generation process



  • Comprehensive tool kit to provide the best solution for all genetic modifications
  • Able to generate GEMs on multiple background strains
  • Project deliverables ranging from several mice to research-sized cohorts to ongoing colony management
  • Agility in project progression allows the right decision to be made at every stage



  • Streamlined process provides customers with project strategy & quotes within 48 hours of request
  • Reduced project timeline compared with most university core facilities
  • Transparency via robust reporting enables customers to drive strategy



  • Efficient animal delivery via Taconic RapidCHECK™ Health Monitoring (approved vendor)
  • Leverage proprietary AI technology to design gene modification



  • Highly competitive pricing; competitor price-matching + 5% off
  • Standard quality checks
  • Deliverable with guaranteed genotype






Choose us for your next model generation project and benefit from working directly with a Taconic Model Design Specialist who will expertly guide you through the process to find the right technical solution, service level, and deliverable for your unique project.