ZIP Solutions (Barcelona), a 100% affiliate of Biat Group (ticker BST), and YIMA Gene, a subsidiry under Cyagen Group, are please to announce a strategic co-marketing agreement for gene therapy.

Under the agreement, ZIP Solutions will bring its innovative “Click-Gene" tool based on a proprietary set of split-inteins with applications in Gene Therapy. Meanwhile, YIMA will provide its world-class AI-driven high-throughput platform for discovering novel AAV vectors with enhanced tissue targeting capability, tissue specificity and productivity for gene therapy research and development. In November of last year, YIMA announced a strategic collaboration with Neurophth Therapeutics, Inc. to jointly develop next-generation AAV gene therapy vectors targeting specific types of genetic ophthalmic disorders. Based on this agreement, YIMA could receive milestone payments during the research and clinical phases, in addition to sales royalties that may surpass $140 million. 

"We are thrilled to partner with YIMA to integrate their AI-AAV platform into our offering of outstanding options to expedite the development of innovative gene therapies" said Dr. Miriam Bastida, Managing Director of ZIP Solutions, “it is a perfect match to our proprietary set of split inteins which addresses two of the most limiting factors of gene therapy: the targeted delivery to the specific tissues and cells and the genetic cargo size of standard AAV viral vectors.” 

"We are excited to partner with ZIP Solutions and leverage their cutting-edge tools for gene therapy applications," said Dr. Sheng Ren, executive VP of YIMA. "Together, we can provide a complete range of gene therapy services to customers and accelerate developments."

The co-marketing agreement will include joint marketing initiatives, collaborative research projects, and joint customer support for gene therapy research and development.

About YIMA

YIMA Gene is a subsidiry under Cyagen Group that has developed a high-throughput AAV vector discovery platform which accelerates the AAV capsid identification and optimization processes compared to traditional directed evolution methods.

About Cyagen

Cyagen is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) biotech company that provides comprehensive research platforms including custom cell & animal models, cell and gene therapy (CGT), immuno-oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, and more.

About ZIP Solutions

ZIP Solutions is a biotech company based in Barcelona, Spain, that has developed and patented a set of split inteins for application in gene therapy, among other fields of life sciences.

About Biat Group

Biat Group (ticker BST) is a biotechnology group that develops and commercializes biotechnology assets by means of its affiliates Zip Solutions (Barcelona) and Biobide (Donosti and Boston).