Overexpression Cell Lines

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Overexpression Cell Lines
Stable cell lines are crucial laboratory tools. Gene overexpression, inducible gene expression, gene knockout, gene knockdown all can be achieved by custom lentiviral-based stable cell line service. With years of gene editing experience, Cyagen has established a comprehensive cell repository which will facilitate your research significantly with our optimized lentiviral platform.
◆ Broad tropism

Lentivirus can target most mammalian cell types including hard-to-transfect cells, primary cells, stem cells and terminally differentiated cells such as neurons.


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1. Custom Overexpression Stable Cell Lines

Our lentiviral-based overexpression stable cell lines can be used to express large amounts of a protein of interest. After transduced by lentiviruses, the gene of interest will be integrated into host cell genome and permanently pass to next cell generation. Lentivirus with broad tropism can target most mammalian species and cell types.

We provide our customers with full services from strategy design, vector construction, virus packaging, virus transduction to positive clone selection.

Note: You can choose your selection markers: Antibiotic resistance or GFP for FACS.


2. RNA Interference Stable Cell Lines

It allows long-term, inducible RNA interference in human, mouse, and rat cells by using lentiviral-based short hairpin RNA (shRNA). shRNA sequences are encoded in a DNA vector which can be introduced into host cells via lentiviral transduction. shRNA provides a cost-effective, rapid, and high-efficient way for long term down-regulation of target genes.

Compared to synthesized siRNA as well as transient expression of shRNA vector, lentiviral-based shRNA can be transduced and consistently expressed in host cells including primary cells, suspension cell lines, nondividing cells and hard-to-transfect cells.

Note: You can choose your selection markers: Antibiotic resistance or GFP for FACS.


◆ Inquiries and quote requests

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