BALB/c-Ighm Ighd-DKO


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Item Number:C001343


Genotype:  Homozygous

Mouse Status: Homozygous knockout mice are developmentally normal and fertile

Surface membrane immunoglobulin (SmIg) of B cell membrane is a receptor that specifically recognizes antigens of B cells, and it is also an important characteristic marker of B cells. Early immature B cells express immunoglobulin M (IgM), while mature B cells express both mIgM and mIgD. Ighm Ighd-DKO homozygous mice lack mature B cells and can be used as an animal model of B cell immunodeficiency.

The double-gene knockout (DKO) mouse model has knocked out Ighm gene exon 1~6 and Ighd gene exon 1~5.

Immunology; Inflammation; Autoimmunity Research.

• Detection of B cells 

Figure 1. Detection of B cells in peripheral blood and spleen of Ighm Ighd-DKO homozygous mice

The results showed that B cell depletion was detected in the peripheral blood and spleen of Ighm Ighd-DKO homozygous mice.

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