PiggyBac Transgenic Mice

PiggyBac Transgenic Mice
  • Single copy mice
  • As little as 3 months
  • Reliable and consistent

PiggyBAC transgenic mice provide high and consistent expression of a transgene, improving model data reliability for research of human diseases and drug treatments. Our new PiggyBac transgenic mouse service can deliver single-copy transgenic mice with more consistent expression of your transgene. This proprietary transgenic method has the following advantages over other transgenic approaches:

(1) Integration occurs as a single copy at each integration site. By contrast, in conventional transgenics, there are typically multiple copies integrated in tandem at each integration site. The presence of multiple copies can interfere with the expression of the transgene, and may even induce silencing.

(2) The integrated fragment is defined, namely only your desired transgene sequence is integrated. No vector backbone sequence is integrated, nor is there any loss of your transgene sequence. By contrast, in conventional transgenics, the transgene may integrate along with extra vector backbone sequence, or the transgene sequence may be partially eroded.

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Workflow of PiggyBac Transgenic Mouse Projects

Each full PiggyBac transgenic mouse project is divided into the following phases:

workflow of transgenic mouse embryos services

1. PiggyBac transgenic strategy design

  • Design a PiggyBac transgenic strategy that meets your research needs.
  • Develop a PCR genotyping strategy for PiggyBac transgenic founder screening.

2. PiggyBac transgenic vector construction

  • Construct PiggyBac plasmid-based transgenic vectors.
  • Confirm the constructed PiggyBac plasmid-based transgenic vectors by restriction digest and sequencing, as needed.

3. PiggyBac transgenic pronuclear injection

  • Inject the verified PiggyBac transgenic plasmid into the pronucleus of fertilized eggs.
  • Implant injected eggs into surrogate mothers to obtain offspring.

4. PiggyBac transgenic mouse screening

  • Genotype pups by PCR to identify those carrying the PiggyBac transgene.


Technical Details of PiggyBac Transgenic Mice 

Preparation of DNA for injection and development of a genotyping strategy

The success of PiggyBac transgenic production depends critically on the design and the quality of PiggyBac vector used in pronuclear injection. Accordingly, we employ a special protocol to design and prepare top-quality PiggyBac vectors for our injections. A PCR-based genotyping strategy will be developed and tested.

Generation of PiggyBac transgenic founder mice

- PiggyBac plasmid injection to obtain founders, basic serviceA minimum of 400 eggs (C57BL/6) will be injected to produce live animals. This will result in an average of 3-4 transgenic founders, but the actual numbers could fluctuate significantly, and it is possible that no founders are obtained. If you wish to ensure the generation of founders, we strongly recommend that you use our guaranteed service option (see below).

PiggyBac plasmid injection to obtain founders, guaranteed service: We guarantee a minimum of 4 PiggyBac transgenic founders (the actual number of founders obtained is typically higher).

-Genotyping pups to identify founders: Pups will be genotyped by PCR to identify PiggyBac transgenic founder mice following the strategy designed by Cyagen scientists.


Pricing and Turnaround Time

Service Donor egg strain Price Turnaround time

PiggyBac transgenic strategy design

  Free 1-4 days
Transgenic vector construction
(PiggyBac plasmid)
  Please inquire 2-5 weeks
Prepare PiggyBac DNA for injection and develop genotyping strategy   Please inquire 1-2 weeks
PiggyBac plasmid injection to obtain founders, basic service C57BL/6 Please inquire 8-10 weeks
PiggyBac plasmid injection to obtain founders, guaranteed service C57BL/6 Please inquire 8-16 weeks
Genotyping pups to identify PiggyBac transgenic founders   Please inquire 1 week
Note: For PiggyBac transgenic mouse services not listed above, please inquire about availability and pricing. The turnaround time above does not include the time for obtaining host institution’s approval for mouse importation, nor transit time during shipping.

Donor Strain Information

We typically produce PiggyBac transgenic mice in C57BL/6 strain backgrounds, but we may be able to offer other strains to accommodate your special research needs.

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Cyagen offers the best guarantee in the industry – we will fully refund the client’s service fee if animals with the specified genotype are not generated (except for genetic modifications severely affecting viability, morbidity, or fertility). Given the complexity of biological systems, a particular genetic modification may not result in the desired phenotype. As such, Cyagen's guarantee covers the creation of animals with the specified genotype, not a particular phenotypic outcome in terms of transcription, protein/RNA function, or organismal biology.


Order Supporting Information 

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