Rag2 KO


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Item Number:C001324
Genotype:  Homozygous
Mouse status: Homozygous knockout mice develop normally and are fertile

The protein encoded by the Rag2 gene is critical for V(D)J recombination during B and T cell maturation. Rearrangement and recombination of immunoglobulin (Ig) genes and T cell receptor (TCR) genes that occur during V(D)J recombination are required stages in the maturation of B cells and T lymphocytes. During the process of the development of premature T cells into mature T cells and the development of premature B cells into mature B cells, Rag2 protein activates V(D ) J recombination. Deletion of Rag2 results in severe disruption of T and B cell development, resulting in the inability to generate mature T and B lymphocytes.

Rag2 knockout (KO) mice do not generate mature T cells or B cells and can be used in studies such as immune system deficiencies, cancer, toxicology and xenotransplantation.

Research on immune system-related diseases; the establishment of tumor-bearing models; immune system deficiencies; cancer; toxicology and other related research.

• Detection of T and B cells

Figure 1. Detection of T and B cells in peripheral blood, thymus, and spleen of Rag2 KO mice.

The peripheral blood, thymus and spleen of Rag2 KO mice were collected for representative flow cytometric immunophenotyping and statistical comparison of the composition of T and B cells. The results showed that B cells (CD3-CD19+) and T cells (CD3+CD19-) in the peripheral blood, thymus and spleen of Rag2 KO mice were almost completely absent.

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