CRO Services for Immune Cell Therapy


As a promising field in cancer treatment, immunotherapy is expected to be a potential breakthrough in "curing" cancers. A significant development in this field is the chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cell therapy, which has demonstrated remarkable results in treating blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. To broaden the application range for CAR-T cell therapies, researchers have generated allogeneic, or universally-applicable, CAR-T cells by removing TCR and CD52 in order to avoid graft versus host disease (GVDH).


At the same time, many researchers have focused their attention on researching the potential applications of CAR on relatives of T cells’- our natural killer (NK) cells. Compared with T cells, NK cells have a unique mechanism which does not require pre-activation to stimulate its immune function, and the recognition of the target is not limited by the presence of major histocompatibility (MHC) molecules. Thus, CAR-NK cells are suitable for allogeneic cell therapy, or universal patient applications from a single set of standardized cells. In addition, CAR-NK cell therapy has weaker side effects and typically does not cause severe CRS or neurotoxic effects as seen with CAR-T cells. Given that CAR-NK cells offer unique advantages over CAR-T cells, CAR-NK cell therapies have become a rapidly growing area of research. Inquire Now


Drawing on years of research experience in tumor immunology, Cyagen offers a full range of services to support research and development of CAR-T/-NK and other cell therapies, including antibody development, CAR molecular design, CAR lentivirus preparation, immune cell preparation and phenotype testing, cell and animal model construction, and in vitro/in vivo efficacy evaluation.

Cyagen Custom Immune Cell Therapy Research Services

Antibody Development
  • ● Animal immunization
  • ● Cell fusion and screening
  • ● Subclone screening and amplification
  • ● Hybridoma sequencing
  • ● Functional validation
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CAR Molecule Design and Lentivirus Preparation
  • ● CAR molecule design and vector construction
  • ● CAR lentivirus preparation
  • ● Stable cell line construction for target antigens
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Immune Cell Preparation
  • ● T and CAR-T cell
  • ● NK and CAR-NK cell
  • ● Universal CAR-T cell
  • ● Murine CAR-T cell
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Immune Cell Phenotype Testing
  • ● T cell immune phenotype analysis: activation, exhaustion, and memory phenotypes, etc.
  • ● NK cell phenotype analysis
  • ● Myeloid cell phenotype analysis
  • ● Others
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In Vitro Efficacy Evaluation
  • ● CAR-T/NK cell proliferation service
  • ● CAR-T/NK cell cytotoxicityservice
  • ● Antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity service
  • ● Macrophage antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP) assay service
  • ● Cytokine detection service
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In Vivo Efficacy Evaluation
  • ● CDX tumor model constructed based on C-NKG and other immune-deficient mice
  • ● Syngeneic tumor model in mice
  • ● Humanized mouse models of the immune system: PBMC and HSC humanization
  • ● Drug administration
  • ● Tumor growth monitoring
  • ● Biochemical analysis of tissues and biological samples
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