Immune Cell Phenotyping

Immune cell phenotyping is a crucial indicator for characterizing the function and status of immune cells, and is a routine test in cell therapy and antibody drug development. Cyagen offers customized immune cell phenotyping analysis strategy development, multi-color flow cytometry antibody design, and testing services to provide you with precise and comprehensive results.

Service Offerings

  • T cell immune phenotyping analysis, including activation, exhaustion, and memory phenotypes
  • NK cell phenotyping analysis
  • Myeloid cell phenotyping analysis
  • Other

Deliverables:Experimental report

Customer-provided materials:Experimental samples, testing requirements.

Why choose Cyagen?

  • Our three-laser, 13-color flow cytometer can meet various immune cell phenotyping analysis needs.
  • Rich experience in designing multi-color flow cytometry panels.
  • Rich experience in analyzing flow cytometry results.

Case Study

Immune cell phenotyping was performed on mouse T cells after 7 days of in vitro expansion.

Figure 1. Phenotypic analysis of mouse splenic T cells after sorting and enrichment.