Adenovirus Packaging


Adenoviruses (AdVs) are icosahedral viruses with double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) genomes. The adenovirus is a popular choice for gene delivery applications primarily because of its large packaging capacity, and high transgene expression.

Service Details

Type Titer Tumaround
Adenovirus(ADV) Standard ≥1*10^10 PFU/mL 7-10 weeks
Purified ≥1*10^12 PFU/mL

Advantages of Adenoviruses:

  1. High transduction efficiency in most mammalian cells
  2. Infection is not dependent on active host cell division
  3. Low immunogenicity for high post-infection cell viability
  4. Broad host range
  5. High titers can be obtained
  6. A popular choice for in vivo (and in vitro) applications

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