Rare Ophthalmic Disease Models

There is a significant global population affected by ophthalmic rare diseases, with over 900 different types, most of which are hereditary blinding eye diseases. These diseases have complex pathogenic mechanisms and clinical characteristics, making it challenging to achieve effective treatment using traditional approaches. However, gene therapy drugs offer a promising solution to this dilemma. Cyagen has developed a range of gene-editing models for ophthalmic diseases, including gene knockout, knock-in, and point mutation models. We also provide customization and collaborative development options tailored to the specific requirements of researchers.


Disease Name Target Gene Targeting Methods Ordering
Retinitis pigmentosa, RP Rho KO, CKO, Humanization(WT, Mu) Order Now
Mertk KO, CKO Order Now
Crb1 KO Order Now
Rd1(Pde6b) KO, MU Order Now
Rd10(Pde6b) MU Order Now
RP2 KO, CKO Order Now
Abca4 Humanization(WT, Mu) Order Now
Rpgr KO Order Now
Leber's congenital amaurosis 2 Rpe65 KO, MU Order Now
Leber's congenital amaurosis 4 Aipl1 KO Order Now
Leber's congenital amaurosis 10 Cep290 Humanization(WT, Mu) Order Now
Leber's congenital amaurosis 13 Rdh12 KO Order Now
Ocular albinism, OA Gpr143 KO Order Now
Bietti crystalline comeoretinal dystrophy, BCD Cyp4v3 KO Order Now
Corneal dystrophy, CD Tgfbi Mu Order Now
Choroideremia, CHM Chm CKO Order Now
Achromatopsia Cngb3 KO Order Now
X-linked retinoschisis, RS Rs1 KO Order Now