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Expanded Knockout Catalog Models – Over 10k Genes Now Available
In our continuing efforts to expand the gene knockout models offered in the Cyagen Knockout Catalog, described in our recent Technical Bulletin, we are proud to announce the availability of over 10,000 KO mouse models. Read More ›
ROSA26: The ‘Safe Harbor’ Locus in the Mouse Genome
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention ‘safe harbor’? The ‘safe harbor’ we want to talk about today is not the kind for ships, but, rather, the safe locus for targeted integration of exogenous gene in the mouse genome. Let's explore one of the most well-established safe loci in the mouse genome - ROSA26. Read More ›
Interview: Impact of COVID-19 Respiratory Illness on the Life Science Research Industry
With the gradual improvement of the COVID-19 situation in China in the past few days, along with a worsening situation across many regions, research on vaccines and related antiviral drugs has become a key issue for most people both inside and outside the life science research industry. Read More ›
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Cytokine Storm: The New Perspective for COVID-19 Research
Since COVID-19 poses a significant threat to public health and also represents a challenge for antiviral drug development and administration globally, current efforts focus on prevention and control while accelerating the research on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which has caused the outbreak of COVID-19. Read More ›
CRISPR/Cas9 Versus ES Cell Targeting:Which is the Optimal Solution?
With the rapid advancement of biomedical technology in recent years, customized treatment methods such as targeted medicine, immunotherapy, and gene therapy have become the main directions of biomedical innovation - which is intimately related to the development of gene-editing technology. Read More ›
BALB/c Strains Now Available for TurboKnockout® Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) Mediated Services
Cyagen is proud to announce the availability of BALB/c mouse models for all embryonic stem cell (ESC) based gene targeting services, including our proprietary TurboKnockout® technology. Read More ›
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Researching the New Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2: Applications for Animal Models
The novel coronavirus, now officially designated as SARS-CoV-2, was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December of 2019. This virus has led to an outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease in 2019), which is associated with acute respiratory illness and infection, as is common for diseases caused by the coronavirus family. Read More ›
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Coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2 – Host Receptor-Mediated Infection Mechanisms & Potential Antiviral Treatments
At the end of 2019, a large-scale illness broke out from Wuhan, Hubei Province - a central province of China. The virus that cased this illness could enter the respiratory tract through droplets - moreover, the increasingly busy traffic conditions and travel around the holiday season made the virus spread extremely rapidly. Read More ›
Research Trend Breaking News White Paper
Beyond ACE2: Additional Targets of Significance for Coronavirus Research
At present, the prevention and treatment of coronavirus is the most urgent issue for scientific and medical research. In addition to the ACE2 host receptor target that is being highly focused on, what other targets deserve the attention of current coronavirus researchers? Read More ›
Newsletter Breaking News
Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models Now Available in the US & Europe
As the leader in custom genetically engineered mouse and rat models, Cyagen has generated thousands of custom knockout (KO), knockin (KI), and transgenic rodent lines for its customer base that covers over 2,000 universities and companies worldwide. This rapid growth has seen the number of publications citing Cyagen in high-impact journals such as Nature, Cell and Science increase to over 3,400 in record time. Read More ›
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