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Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a DNA virus that has a single-stranded DNA genome. In contrast, lentiviruses are RNA viruses. Both AAV and Lentivirus are efficient gene delivery systems. They effectively transfer genes into mammalian cells.

Cyagen has many years of experience in virus packaging platforms and can provide AAV, LV, ADV, and other viruses that comply with different quality standards. Our virus packaging platform has been widely used in constructing various cell line models and in vivo studies of living animals. It has been cited and published by customers in many documents. Our experts will work with you to ensure that you receive AAV, lentivirus, and adenovirus packaging services that are customized to your research at every stage, tailored to your needs.

Adeno-associated Virus Packaging

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are promising therapeutic viral vectors. Cyagen can provide adeno-associated virus vectors design and delivery services. For AAV virus packaging, we adopt a three-plasmid co-transfection method. The advanced purification process can provide customized AAV packaging services with high purity, high titer, and different serotypes. It is especially suitable for in vivo animal experiments and can meet the personalized choices of gene therapy researchers.

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Lentivirus Packaging

Lentiviruses are a powerful gene delivery vector that ensures the long-term expression of your target transgene. For Lentivirus packaging, we use 3rd generation lentiviral systems for the highest biosafety standards. Based on our rich experience in virus packaging platforms, Cyagen provides lentivirus (LV) packaging services with different quality standards, which are widely used in the construction of various cell line models, especially for difficult-to-infect T cells used in CAR T-cell construction.

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Adenovirus Packaging

Adenovirus (AdV) is a non-enveloped virus with a diameter of about 90-100nm, which has a wide range of cell and tissue infection capabilities, and the capacity of adenovirus vectors to carry gene fragments can reach 7-8kb. The adenovirus packaging system includes one expression plasmid and one or more helper plasmids. The target gene is expressed independently from the host cell genome, which can achieve rapid and high-abundance expression of the target product while avoiding gene mutation caused by gene integration.

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Comparison of Adeno-associated Virus (AAV), Adenovirus (AdV), and Lentivirus (LV) Vectors

Project AAV ADV LV
Particle diameter 20-30nm 90-100nm 80-100nm
Genome 4.7kb single-stranded DNA or 2.4kb double-stranded DNA 36 kb double-stranded DNA 9.3 kb double-stranded RNA
Capacity ≤4.5kb 8.3kb ≤6kb
Expression Phased expression at medium to high level High-level transient expression Moderately stable expression
Expression Duration Begin to express within 7-14 days, Begin to express in 1-2 days, Begin to express in 2-4 days,
Generally 6 months to 24 months Lasts ≤ (2-4) weeks Lasts ≥6 months
Diffusion capacity in vivo High High Ordinary
Immunogenicity Very low High Low
Integration method Small amount of targeted integration No integration High frequency random integration
Advantages High yield, simple composition, good safety High yield and easy purification Low yield, stable expression
Application Animal experiments Cell/animal larger gene overexpression Cell experiments

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