A leading stem cell producer, Cyagen offers one of the most comprehensive lists of research-use stem cells. Other products include cell culture and differentiation media, cell culture supplements, and an assortment of related research reagents.
Stem Cells
Includes embryonic stem cells, somatic stem cells of various species, and their genetically modified derivatives. more ›
Fluorescent-Labeled Cells
Products include GFP and RFP-labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Embryonic Stem Cells and Neural Stem Cells. more ›
Primary Cells
Cyagen's OriCellTM primary cells have high purity and high freeze-thaw viability. more ›
Stem Cell Culture Media
We provide several culture media and reagents that are compatible with our OriCellTM stem cell products and c... more ›
Stem Cell Differentiation Media
We offer many types of lineage-specific differentiation culture media for embryonic stem cells (ESCs), mesenchymal stem ... more ›
Cell Cryopreservation Media
Cyagen provides three kinds of mammalian cell cryopreservation media: standard, noncontrolled-rate (NCR), and chemically... more ›
Primary Cell Culture Media
Cyagen offers several OriCellTM complete culture media and other reagents for all OriCellTM primary cell products. These... more ›
Cell Culture Supplements
Cyagen offers various high quality reagents for cell culture with batch-to-batch consistency. more ›
Dissociation Reagents
Animal Protein-Free Dissociation Reagent is an animal component-free enzyme solution to dissociate cells in both serum-f... more ›