Behavioral Tests

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Animal behavioral experiments are important methods used to detect and quantify the presence of various indications in neuroscience research. The comprehensive evaluation of animal models' learning and memory, mental emotions, motor coordination, and other aspects through behavioral experiments can help researchers explore complex life phenomena such as cognition, emotion, and movement.

Rats and mice which have a disease pathophysiology are commonly used animal models in neurobehavioral research. Cyagen’s expert team has built a rodent neurobehavioral platform after years of preparation. We have state-of-the-art behavioral experimental equipment with a recording and analysis system, which can provide multi-type rodent behavioral experimental services such as water mazes, novel object recognition (NOR), Y maze, rotarod, open field, forced swimming, elevated plus maze (EPM), and more. Cyagen provides one-stop services to speed up your research, from mouse/rat model generation, surgery or medication administration, behavioral tests, and pathological marker detection.


Rodent Behavioral Test Services



  • Morris Water Maze (MWM)
  • Novel Object Recognition Test (NORT)
  • Y-Maze Test    


Motor Ability

  • RotaRod Test
  • Open Field Test (OFT)
  • Balance Beam (BB) Test
  • Grip Strength


Social Behavior

  • Three Chamber Social Test



Advantage of Cyagen's Rodent Behavioral Test Platform



Multifunctional Rodent Behaviour Test Platform

Cyagen's rodent neurobehavioral platform is equipped with state-of-the-art experimental equipment to perform the water maze, Y maze, rotarod, open field, elevated plus maze, and more. We can carry out nearly every cognitive, motor ability, mental, emotional, social group, and other behavioral experimental service. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us to see how we can develop a test for your project. 


Convenient Behaviour Observation System
Cyagen's rodent neurobehavioral platform is equipped with behavioral observation and recording analysis software that is more convenient for researchers to use. The platform hardware and software demonstrate powerful animal identification and tracking capabilities, reflect the behavioral status of rats and mice more comprehensively and accurately, and can simultaneously analyze multiple data streams to help customers accelerate research.


Guidance from Senior Technical Experts Team
Cyagen's rodent neurobehavioral platform provides full-process service guidance from our team of senior technical experts and experienced behavioral operation technicians in the fields of model construction, breeding, surgery, drug processing, and behavioral experiments.


Interactive Experiment Space
Cyagen’s Transgenic Animal Center (CTAC) not only provides comprehensive model animal protection for researchers and pharmaceutical companies but also facilitates researchers to conduct animal experiments. Visiting researchers in Cyagen’s Transgenic Animal Center not only have sufficient space for animal experiments, but also have close communication with experienced animal model experts and obtain high-quality technical support.