Adeno-associated Virus Packaging


Adeno-associated Virus (AAVs) is currently the most widely used delivery vector in gene transduction and gene therapy due to its advantages of good tissue specificity, low immunogenicity, and high safety. It is also a powerful tool in regenerative medicine due to its broad tropism and ability to transduce both proliferating and quiescent cells. Cyagen provides premium AAV packaging services to support your AAV mediated gene therapy research. For AAV virus packaging, we adopt a three-plasmid co-transfection method. The advanced purification process can provide customized AAV packaging services with high purity, high titer, and different serotypes. Our AAV production services are especially suitable for in vivo animal experiments and can meet the personalized choices of gene therapy researchers.

Service Details

Cyagen can provide the following AAV packaging services (and more upon request):

AAV Type

Vector Production Scale

Virus amount




Purified pilot

≥1*10^12 GC

≥1*10^12 GC/mL

5~6 weeks

Purified medium

≥5*10^12 GC

≥1*10^13 GC/mL


Purified pilot(3+1)

≥1*10^12 GC

≥1*10^12 GC/mL

Purified medium(3+1)

≥5*10^12 GC

≥1*10^13 GC/mL


Purified pilot

≥1*10^12 GC

≥1*10^12 GC/mL

Purified medium

≥5*10^12 GC

≥1*10^13 GC/mL


Alternative serotypes:


Target tissue


Target tissue


muscles, heart, nerves, skeletal muscles

AAV rh10

liver, blood, heart, extracorporeal cells


muscles, liver, brain tissue, eyes, nerves


nerve cell (reverse non-transsynaptic)


lungs, eyes, nerves, pancreas


retina, lung, kidney, cells in vitro


lungs, heart


liver, eyes, central nervous system


muscle, liver


central nervous system


muscles, liver, nerves, eyes


peripheral nervous system


heart, muscles, lungs, liver, nerves

More serotypes

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Note: Conventional projects will receive a complimentary control virus.

AAV Production Process

Advantages of Cyagen’s AAV packaging service

  • Short cycle
    Standard projects shipped in as fast as two weeks, customized projects can be done in as fast as five weeks (additional time for delivery).
  • Reliable quality
    The virus titer is guaranteed to be ≥1*1012 GC/mL, the purity is ≥95%, and the endotoxin is less than 10 EU/mL, ensuring high infection efficiency.
  • Professional support
    Our experts provide technical guidance for the entire AAV production process: from vector design, virus packaging, and in vivo injection to phenotypic analysis.
  • Prolific experience
    More than ten years of virus packaging experience, continuously expanding stock library, and numerous customer literature citations and publications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bioinformatics Platform

Our experienced artificial intelligence (AI) and bioinformatics team provide cutting-edge AAV carrier development, optimization, and transformation services.

Inquiries and Quote Requests

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