Antibody Development

Mice are one of the most commonly used model organisms in biomedical and biological research, as well as for monoclonal antibody (mAb) production. Hybridoma fusion is a widely used technology for the production of mouse monoclonal antibodies, which involves the use of physical or chemical methods to fuse antigen-activated B lymphocytes with myeloma cells to form hybridoma cells. Cyagen can provide you with reliable and high-quality antibody development services.

Service Offerings:

  • Animal immunization
  • Serum antibody titer testing
  • Hybridoma fusion and screening
  • Hybridoma sequencing
  • Antibody-expressing cell line generation
  • Antibody affinity testing



  • Immune animal serum
  • Hybridoma cell culture supernatant
  • Hybridoma cells
  • 1-2 antibody sequences


Customer-Provided Materials:

  • Antigen information
  • Immunizing antigen
  • Antigen for testing


Why choose Cyagen?

  • Decades of experience in animal immunization
  • Advanced technology for hybridoma cell preparation, enabling efficient monoclonal antibody production
  • Expertise in developing high-affinity antibodies for various research applications, ensuring optimal performance in experiments and assays


Technical Route

Antibody Development using Antibody-Producing Mice


Figure 1. Process for Developing Antibodies using Antibody-Producing Mouse


Antibody Development using Human Antibody Phage Library

Figure 2. Process for Developing Antibodies using a Human Antibody Library