AlphaKnockout - Gene Targeting Expert System

Genetically modified mice generated by gene targeting technologies such as ES targeting or CRISPR/Cas9 have been widely used to study gene functions and human diseases. However, even for sophisticated life scientists, it takes many hours’ hard research to come up with a good gene targeting strategy. Cyagen’s gene targeting AI (artificial intelligent) expert system - AlphaKnockout can help you overcome these limitations with new features: fast, intelligent, reliable, reproducible and free.

Let AlphaKnockout accelerate your research Now!

In addition to using the AlphaKnockout to design the gene editing strategy, Cyagen’s TurboKnockout® gene targeting technology, the fastest ES-cell based gene targeting platform in the world, allows you to generate conditional knockout/knockin mouse model.

Constructing mouse model by TurboKnockout® can make you enjoy these benefits:

  • Affordable price: Only $15,000 to get your desired model.
  • Free Cre mice & cryopreservation of strains.
  • No off-target effects.
  • As fast as 6 months.

Latest Promotions

20% OFF plus cryopreservation
TurboKnockout ES cell-based cKO and KI mice, only $25,240 per line, 6-8 months, 3F1 mutants.
CRISPR-based KI (any locus) mice, only $21,648 per line, 6 months, 3F1 mutants.
CRISPR-based point mutation mice, only $16,875 per line, 6 months, 3F1 mutants.

30% OFF plus cryopreservation
CRISPR-based Rosa26 KI mice, only $16,875 per line, 6 months, 3F1 mutants.

40% OFF plus cryopreservation
CRISPR-based constitutive KO mice, only $9,563 per line, 6 months, 3F1 mutants.