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Get Free Cre Driver Rat Strains Now With Conditional Rat Model Toolkit
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Cyagen Biosciences has made significant advancements across most aspects of the rat model production process, including ovulation promotion and improved fertilized egg injection techniques. Such improvements have facilitated the creation of more complex genetically modified rat models than previously feasible. For example, Cyagen’s CRISPR-based Rapid Knockout services provide conventional knockout (KO), reporter knockin (KI), large fragment knockin (LFKI), ROSA26 LFKI, and humanization rat models in as fast as 5 months.

Our technological leadership across an expansive range of capabilities have enabled us to launch the industry-first Conditional Rat Model Toolkit.

Introducing Conditional Rat Model Toolkit Services

As a leader in custom rodent models, Cyagen is proud to announce the first comprehensive Conditional Rat Model Toolkit. We are offering a complete range of custom conditional knockout (cKO) or conditional knockin (cKI) rat models alongside the Cre driver rat strains needed to develop physiologically relevant models of human diseases.

For a limited time, order any cKO/cKI rat models to receive a free Cre driver rat strain custom-developed to support your field of study. Place an order by December 31, 2020 to qualify for your free Cre strain.

Service Background Strains Available Standard Deliverables Price
Knockout/Knockin Rat
Sprague-Dawley (SD),
Wistar, F344, Long evans,
Brown Norway - please
inquire for additional strains.
A minimum of one pair of
heterozygous rats*
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Cre Driver Rat One pair of heterozygous Cre

*Free Cre rats available with orders of cKO/cKI rats for a limited time.

With our world-class facilities, we can perform any downstream breeding services to deliver the perfect cohort for your research project. Contact us for a free technical consultation and quote.

Enabling Conditional Rat Model Research

Compared with constitutively expressed gene mutations, conditional models provide greater temporal and regional control of gene expression. The Cre/lox recombination system enables the generation of tissue-specific or inducible knockouts with a high level of control over the spatial and temporal expression of genes.

Despite the utility of the Cre/lox modeling strategy, the complexity of breeding protocol alongside the increased cost of rat colony maintenance has created significant barriers for researchers seeking to make novel conditional rat models. Another major constraint faced by researchers developing cKO or cKI rat models is the lack of Cre lines specific to the target of interest.

To address these issues, Cyagen is building a repository of Cre driver rat strains, available to researchers worldwide.

Below are some of the current Cre rat strains under-development:

alb (Cre Ert2) myh6 (Cre Ert2) slc6a3 (Cre Ert2) camk2a (Cre Ert2) nphs2 (Cre Ert2)
alb (Cre) myh6 (Cre) slc6a3 (Cre) camk2a (Cre) nphs2 (Cre)
gfap (Cre) gfap (Cre Ert2) nes (Cre) nes (Cre Ert2) -

Contact us to inquire about your conditional model needs and see how we can help develop a custom Cre strain to support your field of study.

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